Revenge ( story part: 2 )
The ship is in the middle of the ocean. Eun sook is worried about her mom. But there is no way for her to go back, there is only water all around.

Eun Sook heard the sound of someone walking towards her. She quickly hides behind the goods.

A few hours pass and Eun-sook starts to get hungry. Eun sook's mom made some cookies for her in the morning and at that time Eun sook put some of those cookies in her pocket. She takes out those cookies to eat. As soon as she brought the cookies near her mouth to eat, she started missing her mom and dad. She wants to eat these cookies but is unable to eat them.

She then cries remembering her mom and dad. Eun-sook's dad was shot dead in front of her. Eun Sook still hasn't got that scene out of her mind.

After sitting in the ship for 2 days, at last this ship has come to a standstill. Eun Sook sneaks out of the ship. And she ran fast and came to a small town.

She looked at the people around, there were children of Eun-sook's age walking with their parents. Eun sook saw those children walking with their parents while playing games and laughing.

Eun sook's eyes are filled with tears and she starts crying remembering her mother and father. She is crying standing in the middle of the road. She was crying for a long time then there were a married couple who were watching Eun sook crying for a long time.

Those couples came to Eun sook. And asked Eun Sook, "What happened to you, why are you crying little girl ?"

Because the couple was a Chinese, Eun Sook didn't understand what they were saying. Eun Sook said to those couples while crying and speaking in her own language (Korean) She said, "I want my mom". ( crying )

Those couples understood that this girl does not belong to this country. The names of the couples were Xiang and Ai ling.

Because Xiang has been to korea once before so he knows to speak some korean language. So he starts talking to Eun Sook in Korean.

Xiang: Hey little girl, have you come from Korea ?

Eun sook nods...

Xiang: and what is your name ?

Eun sook says her name to Xiang. Xiang's wife Ai Ling asked Xiang, "Why is this girl crying?

Xiang asked this question to Eun Sook, Eun Sook told the whole thing that what is happening there now. Xiang is shocked to hear this and tells this to his wife, his wife also becomes emotional after hearing this and hugs Eun sook.

Ai Ling: Ok, calm down.... ( patts Eun sook's head with comfort )

Eun Sook didn't eat anything for two days, then a sound of growl came from her stomach. Xiang and Ai ling understood that Eun sook hasn't eaten anything for a days, so they took her to a restaurant to feed her.

Xiang orders food. At first Eun-sook is hesitant to eat. But Xiang and Ai ling said, "You can eat as much as you want." ( with warm smile )

Eun-sook starts eating. Xiang asked how did you come here in china ?
Eun sook tells everything to Xiang. Then when they was asked about her parents, Eun Sook stopped eating.

Tears welled up in her eyes after hearing about her parents. Ai Ling turned to Xiang and said, "Hey, look what you've done. You needed to say all that now ?"

Eun-sook: Those people shot my dad, and they are bulling my mom. ( cry's unstoppable ) I want my mom... I want my dad back. I want to meet mom...

Xiang and Ai ling felt sorry for Eun sook...

To be continued

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