Letter to My Past Self #1
Hello kid!
Before you ask, yes, we are the same person. I'm writing this in the hope that you know a few things, and maybe help you.
I'll keep it simple. First of all, you can't see the blackboard not because you are dumb, but because you need glasses! Tell dad on the weekend when he picks you up, then tell mom.Make dad buy it because he likes feeling useful and It's too expensive to mom's budget. If you tell her first, she will try to do everything herself.
And please stop looking directly at the sun, okay? The "gold spot" in your vision that you find so funny, will be a problem.
Those motherf... those bullies in school won't stop, don't try to reason with them and don't fight back either,because you will beat the hell out of them on a 1x1, but it's never a 1x1 right? They will start to gang up on you.
Tell the principal!!!! What they are doing is not your fault!
And one final tip, dad is awesome at managing money, learn that shit from him!!!
Okay, bye man. Learn to love yourself okay?
I'll write again.

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