The best two leaders (story part: 5)
While Jimin is taking the ball from Hyunjin, Jimin's hand slightly touches Hyunjin's face. And Hyunjin takes full advantage of this opportunity. And he started doing dramatic acting....

Hyunjin: (pouting face) Ouch!!! Jimin-ahh...... (hits Jimin's hand lightly)

Jimin got confused seeing this strange behavior of Hyunjin. Due to this sudden behavior of Hyunjin, the entire members stopped at their respective places as if someone had made them a statue.

The audience who were watching the match was left open mouthed with surprise, and they all forget about the cheering.

Seeing Jimin standing confused, Hyunjin kicks the ball with all his might. And this goal was done, all the audience started cheering for Bangchan's team loudly.

Namjoon: woahh! bangchan your team members are quite unique!

Bangchan felt embarrassed hearing this. And started laughing...

Hoseok standing as a goal keeper is surprised that when the goal was scored..?

Hoseok: Who am I ? where am I ?when did the goal happened ? how did it happened...? ( stunned )

Jimin: I have to be careful with this guy... ( about Hyunjin)

The scores of both the teams are as of now:

Namjoon's team: 15 points

Bangchan's team: 14 points

And now only one minute is left for the match to end. The match continues and... After some times later, Namjoon's team is going to score with the point. But then felix comes in between and takes the ball from taehyung.

And now only 50 seconds are left. Right now Namjoon's team is leading. Bangchan's team is one point behind from Namjoon's team...

The pressure in the match is increasing. and felix now has the ball later felix passes the ball to changbin. In the last five seconds, Changbin kicks the ball into the goal.

All the members have their eyes fixed on the ball. And Hoseok runs to stop the ball... But Hoseok failed and Bangchan's team scores.

And the match is over. The scores of both the teams are equal. Seeing this amazing match, all the audience stood up and started cheering both the team's.

2 hours later....

Felix: I thought we would lose this match. Really that team plays very well.

Jisung: yes but..... We have to thank our hyunjinnie.

Everyone started laughing.

Namjoon and his friends came. Namjoon and Bangchan went from there together for shopping. Namjoon and Bangchan's friends started spending time with each other.

Hoseok: You all are really amazing. There is no doubt that you guys are so famous.

Jisung: Yes our ace player is hyunjin, we can never lose... ( while teasing him)

Hyunjin is feeling embarrassed so he hides his face.

Bangchan and Namjoon's friends are getting closer to each other.

In shopping mall...

Namjoon looked at the chips packets... And all those packets were kept one above the other. Namjoon went and pulled one of the chips packets from the middle. Because of that the balance of the chips packets gets disturbed and all the packets fall on the ground.

Seeing this, Bangchan started shaking his head.

Bang Chan: Thought you must have changed a bit by now. But you remained the same. The God Of Districtions....

Namjoon embarrassed.... and started scratching his head. Seeing the fallen chips packets, an employee working in the mall came and asked," Who did this ?"

Bangchan ignored the eye contact from that lady employee. And started looking on the other side. Namjoon is standing there thinking what should he do in such situation.

To be continued

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