Suicide notes
I was here when it rained last year, and a year before that too. It's painful that the seasons change, years pass, but my wounds remains same, bleeding all day, like it's fresh, new and forever, like some love stories.

I avoid social gatherings, talking to friends, attending functions, and lately I have been called as an introvert, an asocial. I wonder if there is any word for someone who is afraid of being with others because it's gonna hurt a lot and steal hours of sleep for days.

I am happy when they talk about their promotions, trips and weddings. I want all the good things to happen to them, but the same time it hurts, it reminds me how stuck I am, how I avoid putting effort in something I am capable of, how I am ruining my ability to get things I want, how tired I am to make an effort to avoid suffering.

Regret is all I have now, adding more to it is all I do new.
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