Coming Home
It was that fleeting hour of day when the moon and sun are high and bright at the same time. Like many things in my life, these summer nights wouldn't last much longer. I sat quietly on a railroad bridge staring at the two celestial bodies in the sky. The stars were twinkling and one decided to shoot across the clouds. I thought to myself, "Is this how people on other worlds think about their existence?" On my back I laid underneath what used to be a scenic lookout, but now a place of desolate proportions. On the backdrop of a rugged hillside, someone had boldly graffitied the iconic Batman symbol as a hopeful sign that one day our little hick town would get the hero it deserved.
I learned a lot the summer I was kicked out of the academy. I had nowhere else to go and I was hell bent on discovering the best and worst parts of my deep inner psyche. At first I lived with family, but deep down I just wanted to get out on my own even if it catastrophically blew up all over my face. I had to make the most of the summer before it was gone. Believe it or not that rugged hillside was like a second home to me. I needed this place so I could escape the boring, yet mundane work environment of being a gas station attendant. To this day, I try not to go inside a gas station as much as much as possible because I feel sorry for the attendant behind the counter. Right now I was glad to be eating food from the corporate conglomerate deli aisle with people who at the time I thought were my friends and admiring the view of the sunset.
It slowly turned to night and I didn't have a care in the world. I wasn't worried about being hurt or taking advantage of. I watched the moon trade places with the sun and marveled at what must be such a routine task for these celestial bodies. I always enjoyed watching the moon and the sun no matter where they were in the sky. Deep down, I felt like a strange alien that didn't really belong on this planet made of rock and water. I have had to settle my mind due to circumstances, but I secretly hope there's a way for me to comprehend what it means to be human. "I wish my mission for seeking true happiness and purpose was over by now." I thought this inwardly to myself as I began floating upwards and merging with a blinding white light.

© urbanbearink