Something is wrong with her ......(section 1 )
Starting from her journey of life she was only 14years old kinda exhausted with her life , don't know what's right for her, completely confused.
sometimes depressed sometime fully sressed.
A common story of life a with a sudden twist .......
May be it's not common for all sometimes maturity comes in her way to get those things like a common tennager, may be because of adolescence , Actually it's common for a particular teenager. Some part of her life was actually good but not for long..

"Hi I am Adria , and talking about my crush he is little older but so cute" ( writing in her diary)
( continue writing) "I had a crush one him for like 4 years now we are in Sam tution also but sometime it becomes very much occured to study in same rooftop , kinda exhausted. " ......
She was not able to understand what to do she was depressed too because her crush also did have a girlfriend, so she had no chances.
Once while going to her tution . " How can I get over him ! He have girlfriend I don't have chance then yes then why I ...." while taking with herself about him she saw her crush with his girlfriend she couldn't supress and called out him *Snehan , can I have a pen I forget it , * ( giving sarcastic side eye to his girlfriend) *Oh sure ! * - her crush ,
Snehan was just going to give her a pen when his girlfriend give him criminal offensive side eye ,
Then he randomly started scolding Adria "why are you looking like that towards my girlfriend, You want to get scold ? "

-To be continued

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