Azad Bharat, but Ruptured Education system.
It's hard for the courts of this period especially, in this current Azad Bharat, (Independent India) to actually make themselves sneak through and sit down along with the disappointment of a NEET Aspirant and I will always say. Education is great, because education is there to make and to let your mind uncover those things where you give value to construct yourself from the inside and what still could be so energetic. If you are willing to listen that our Judiciary and Education systems, they both have failed and literally got humiliated at the same time as this scam came out. But those students they still, are a kind of winners. The price of it. It is terrifying because 2 to 3 students have already attempted suicide because their Numbers weren't fulfilled them. So Azad Bharat or (Independent India). It didn't only need flag bearers who only are from the row of Nationalists who would never tell you about the social needs or where our education didn't only need to reform itself. We first and foremost need a framework of belief and trust between the Teachers and Students. Please, dear Judiciary at least write down a substantial decision because this current Judiciary has no strength to admire the righteous decision so for these students who could be promising. We need to bring education out from the area of suffocation which is like daydreaming in these surroundings.