Focus on getting better
Focus on the good
They tell me to do this but I don't know how and I know that i should
Find something that could distract me from a dark thought
Unfortunately in school this is something we are not taught
Not taught a way to cope just to only ask for help
But the truth is noone knows how u really felt
When your thoughts spiral and u feel alone
The only thing that clears my mind is to pick up the phone
To call the one person i can count on
The only issue is this isn't healthy and in our relationship is a con
So I sit now alone
Trying to unravel these thoughts before they make me choke
Its hard when u realize it's good that the lifeline broke
To not rely on another person and crowd up their mind
It makes me feel selfish and it's hard when u are no longer blind
When u see it's toxic and it needs to stop
The only issue is this person is still blind and it might make his feelings drop
It might cause distance and it might cause pain
Sorry I'm now letting my thoughts go insane ...
© Thesaddneedpoet