the ground below
it's been a year since we got into I,s,s not a lot have been going on the team is...fine we can see earth below us I walk into the control room the computers ditected something coming close to us I alert the team the object nearly hit us it go's to earth we contact comand...but the signal was weak we try to fix it in few minutes the signal was back to normal again we alert comand but they said there was a object hit a small town after a few hours more and more object come and computers was going crazy one of the object hit the station the station was on fire we go to the part where the fire is...we try to put it out...other one hit the station the station start to go down back to earth the team go's to the pods and Flys off to earth when where on earth we see a holes on the ground and we hear gun from the west to the fields we see burning buildings a helicopter fly above to the fields and after it a platoon of soldiers marching we ask one of the soldiers what is happening the solder told us there is a invader we ask the soldier who? the solder told us...from the other world they continued marching I look to the team one by one they go to there families
and I go too when I was walking to new York I saw people laying on streets they are all hungry and scared after a few hours I walk into a artillery camp that have abandoned I look all over the camp for supply there was a water bottle left I take it and drink and continued walking I saw a robot walking to south soldiers fires at it but the robot beam light at them and the solder was gone