unexpected fortune
A young girl who's name is Mariah Martin came from a poor background, She was struggling in life and never seemed to find her way out of poverty, She was a very ambitious girl and hoped that her dream of becoming a popstar would eventually come tru but that didn't seem to be happening anytime soon, Mariah had to work at a young age in order to take care of her sick mother, She had to take the role of an adult at a very young age, She wished she could go to school and have a normal childhood like the other kids in the village but that wasn't the case, In her free time she taught herself to read and write, She hated having to take care of her mother but loved her mother dearly, She would always sing and write songs which give her solace, Until one day she unexpectedly got fortune and she started seeing progress in her life, she was giving the chance to go to school and do music as it was her dream, Her mom miraculously recovered and was doing better, five years later she lived her dream as a popstar,
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