Of Freedom and Death
Do you want to live because you are afraid to die? If you think something should be written about the question, go ahead and do so.
© Rosabella Thorne

Memento Mori.

Remember you will die.

This four words are my salvation. How can one attain freedom in life when everything and everyone is a bind that can chain you down?

I do not live because I'm afraid to die. I live because I will die. Isn't that much more beautiful and freeing?

To live in order to die.

Because when one live out of fear, can that be truly called living?

Life can only be lived once you've already accepted your death. Fear makes only makes you cower at every opportunity life throws at you. You doubt every door you stumble upon — wondering if what's behind that door is another road to greatness or simply your great demise.

If you fear death, it means you fear life, because death is not the opposite of life, in fact, they work close together, like crime and punishment.

How does one live without fearing death — without fearing the agony, misery, and pain that comes with it?

I do not know.

However, as someone who had been a victim of wars, crimes, and life, itself — I can say that: I do not fear death. Sure, I may seek and chase, after it for freedom, but I do not fear it, not one bit.

I dream of death — of freedom, every day. And, the thought of being free makes me want to live.

Be not afraid of death for it is not the end of life, simply the liberty from it.