A beautiful greedy young woman
Marisha was a beautiful young girl from a low class family. She was very arrogant and greedy from her childhood. Marisha has a few older girlfriends in front of whom she used to embarrass herself. Marisha has two younger sisters and a brotherMarisha wanted expensive clothes-expensive jewelry from her poor father but her father can't feed everyone in the family, how will he give her daughter expensive clothes-ornaments. Her parents are very disappointed about thisMarisha's parents thought that if Marisha can be married in a high-class family, then maybe she will be able to meet all her needs. So Marisha's father started looking for a good wife. But Marisha's father was very poor and could not marry into a high-class family, so Marisha's marriage was given to a middle-class family. Marisha is married to a middle-class boy named Abrar. Marisha wants a diamond necklace from her husband. But her husband works in a private establishment and their family survivesAbrar thinks that Marisha and Raji will take Marisha to go to the party but she doesn't have any expensive clothes and ornaments and Abrar won't get paid until the end of the month. So Marisha asks an old friend of hers to give her an expensive dress and a diamond necklace. giveHer girlfriend also agreed to her proposal. Marisha wears the dress and diamond necklace given by her girlfriend to the party. They were both very happy when they reached the party, but after a while, she realized that Marisha did not have the diamond necklace on her neck. Instantly, her happiness was lost. After a lot of searching and the Pelona necklace, they finally have to return home without the necklace. Back home, Marisha tells her friend everything and takes a year from her friend. Her friend gives her a year. Again and Marisha work hard. do.A thought in Marisha's mind is whether they will be able to return her girlfriend's necklace in a year. Finally, with hard work, they succeed. They buy a diamond necklace and take it to her girlfriend's houseMarisha wanted to know the reason, then Marisha's friend said that the necklace I gave you was not the original necklace, so her friend showed the original necklace to Marisha. Marisha was very happy
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