The Writer. Ep.2
was led into the house (well it was more of a mansion) by a huge man. He isn't that huge or maybe he is, considering my height he looks like a giant to me. But to some like Mo Abudu or Kate Henshaw, he'll be a few inches taller than them.

With that description, it's clear I'm quite small for a girl. But I don't mind, I love my look, I love everything about me. Anyone that doesn't should go and hug Boko Haram and get bombed in the process.

I was told to wait in the living room which is three times the size of my home. It had a huge, beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling which was painted white. It had like three white beautifully carved couches sectioned on each area of the living room leaving a small space in between in each side where a black side stool was placed. In the middle sat a see-through glass table that had a flower vase on it. The flower vase had drawings of Chinese people. I can't really tell but that's what it looked like.

On the wall which was painted cream, was a huge flat screen T.V, a decoder, and speakers on each side. On other parts of the wall were family pictures consisting of the husband, kids, and the honorable herself.

The home was beautiful, it had other beautiful stuff that I can't mention right now, maybe next time.

So anyway, I stood there and waited. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to sit so I just stood. A few minutes later, I heard the sound of heels clicking on the smooth ceramic tiled floors. A lady came out from the entrance of a doorway. I'm not certain where it leads to. Probably a secret room because this house is definitely big enough to have one.

I watched her as she came to me. She was corporately dressed. Well, refined or should I say polished? Anyway, I stopped watching to plainly gawking because this lady was close to perfect. I've already said she's well-dressed right? Well, not only is she well-dressed she is drop dead gorgeous. I mean wow.

"Ireyi right?" she asked as she got to me.

"Huh?" was my lame reply.

"You are Ireyi," she said.

I nodded lamely.

"The boss is ready to see you"

Then she spun around and began cat-walking.

I stood still as I watched her hips sway. Goodness me how did she get that perfect body? I, on the other hand, I'm like a stick. No shape whatsoever. It's probably why I have no boyfriend.

"Why are you still standing there?" she asked.

I looked at her, "huh?"

"Let's go. The boss doesn't like to be kept waiting. Rule number one; never keep the boss waiting"

Then she began to walk again.

This time I followed her. I'm not ready to break the first rule.


She took me to another part of the home that felt very cold. As we walked, I saw military men standing guard at their various stations. They all had mean looking faces that could scare a monkey shitless.

We walked to the back of the home that looked like a garden. It had a water fountain in the middle that was flowing beautifully. Tiny fishes were jumping out in the air then diving back in. It's like they were having the time of their life.

On the other side of the fountain stood a lady in white. Her back was facing me so I couldn't see her face. She was protected by some huge ass men that look like giants and they were all wearing black suits. I think I'll call them 'men in suits'.

Miss beautiful walked in front of me with her heels still clicking. When we got to the lady in white, she asked.

"Has my new chef arrived?"

"Yes, ma. He's in the kitchen as we speak preparing a meal for you to test him" answered miss beautiful.

The lady in white turned around and faced us and I swear if the trees, flowers and whatever was in the little garden could sing, a joyous, harmonious song would have been heard all around us.

The honorable herself was standing in front of me. Oh my god!

My mouth opened and closed like that of a guppy. I wanted to say something but I didn't know what to say.

"Ireyi right?" she asked.

I nodded stupidly.

Then she smiled.

And goodness me, I think I just died and went to heaven cause her smile is like that of an angel. My gosh, she's beautiful. Even more beautiful than miss beautiful standing beside me.

"I'm going to ask you one question," the honorable said.

I nodded my head again.

She stared at me like she was expecting her question to weaken me or something.

"Can you tolerate blood?"

I frowned.

Can I tolerate blood? What kind of question is that?

"Can you?" she pushed on.

I looked at her confused.

Why is she asking me that kind of question?

"Ireyi, I don't like to be kept waiting," she said.

It was then I remembered what miss beautiful said, 'honorable doesn't like to be kept waiting'.

Okay if this question will determine if I will get this job, I better answer it if I want to be able to buy units for my meter { electricity} at the end of the month.

"Yes, Ma. I can" I finally answered.

She stared at me some more. Her eyes scrutinizing me.

Then abruptly, she spun around and continued to look at whatever she was looking at before I arrived.

She said nothing. So I just stood there. At the moment, I didn't know if I had a job or not. I wasn't sure if my answer had given me the job or if I had lost it. I wasn't even sure what she needed me for.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from her P.A telling me I had an appointment with her. I'm a writer, what does an honorable need me for other than to write short articles for her. But with the tight security she has and the weird question she asked me, I'm not certain of what she needs me for anymore.

"Your job is special Ireyi. It could actually cost you your life. But you'll be paid well"

I looked at the back of her head when she spoke. Hold on. Did she just say it could cost me my life?

"Ma" I began.

"Call me Uyai" she corrected.

I kept quiet.

She moved her head to look at me sideways waiting for me to acknowledge.

"Uyai," I said. Feeling a tad bit uncomfortable calling her by her given name "what do you mean by 'it could cost me my life?'"

"Exactly what it means dear," she said "I saw an article you wrote about feminism. You weren't for it and you weren't against it. You stated that women can be a strong force in the economy but also they can be submissive when need be. That some women tend to let feminism get into their heads"

I stayed quiet while she spoke.

"What do you think about a guy opening a car door for you?" she asked. Still facing away from me.

"I think it's respectful and gentlemanly of him" I answered.

"But?" she inquired.

"But some women think it's demeaning. It makes them feel like the guy thinks they are weak to the extent of not being able to open a car door. I personally think it's stupid that they can think that"

"And this is why you will be writing for me. But for you to write for me you will write about me. You will know certain things the world doesn't know. And sometimes I'll tell you what to write that might endanger your life"

I frowned my face again. I'm not sure I like this job anymore.

The honorable turned around and faced me.

"I know you're scared. But I promise you, you will be protected. I have trained bodyguards and a man will be with you at all times once you begin to work for me"

I thought about what she said. Am I ready to work for her and endanger myself in the process? Is it worth it? I know she's well known and she's into politics and there's a good chance people hate her and would want to hurt her. Anyone around her can get hurt too. Can I really work for her?

Well, she is a good person and her intentions for her people are good too. Maybe I should focus on that. Maybe I should take this job.

"It'll be an honor to be your writer," I said. Accepting her offer.

She smiled at me.

"Welcome to the family"