Revenge ( story part: 10 )
Eun Sook wanders around the town and gets sad seeing the bad condition of the town. She sees a deserted street and stops there. Not seeing even a single person in that street, Eun sook steps towards that deserted street.

She is taking her step very carefully in that path. Then she heard the sound of someone walking towards her from behind. Thinking it must be the same bad guys who are following her, she gets into a fighting position and attacks the man.

Dylan: Ouch!!!! Hey chun (Eun sook) it's me.... ( rubbing his nose) my nose!! Looks like you messed up my nose map. Ahhhh it hurts so much!

Eun-sook: sorry sorry!!! At least you would have told me that it is you. I thought you must be a bad person that's why I attacked.

Dylan: Where did you give me a chance to speak, so I would have told that it is me!! Ahhh my nose...

Dylan asked what are you doing here? Eun Sook replied that she was just taking a round of the town.

Dylan also went for a walk around town with Eun Sook.

In the camping area...

Hualing started daydreaming about Kai. Then Kai saw that Hualing was engrossed in some thought, so he thought that Hualing might be troubled by something. So he goes to her.

Kai came to Hualing and called her but Hualing did not heard kai's voice. So he calls Hualing again... Then hualing came out of her thoughts, she quickly got up seeing kai sitting beside her.

Hualing: ka-kai!!! when did you come here ?

Kai: (laughs) When you were lost in your thoughts. By the way, what were you thinking just now while smiling so much?

Hualing's face turns red and she leaves from there saying bye to Kai. Kai doesn't understand anything, what happened to Hualing all of a sudden!

Hualing: ( to herself) Ahhhhhh! hualing hualing hualing... Why are you being so shy? It was a good opportunity to spend time with kai, you spoiled all the fun. ahhhhhh!!!!! (throws herself to the bed )

In Town Street....

Dylan: The strange thing is that we have been roaming in this town for an hour but I have see no people here ! this Town looks like a hunted place....

Dylan looked at Eun Sook who was standing there looking at an old house. Dylan went to Eun-sook and saw that Eun-sook's eyes were filled with tears and he was shocked.

Dylan: Hey! why are you crying ?

Eun Sook quickly wipes her tears and said with a smile that nothing but she was a little sad seeing the condition of this town. But in reality the house towards which she was looking was actually Eun Sook's house in which she used to live with her parents.

He and Dylan walked on from there. Eun sook once again looks towards her house. Then she stopped in the middle of the way where her dad was killed.

She kneels down on that ground and keeps her hands on that place. Eun Sook closes her eyes and she starts remembering those old things.

Back to the camping area....

Dylan and Eun-sook head back to the camping area. Eun Sook looked at Hualing and she seemed very happy. So she asked Hualing what happened, you looks very happy today!

Hualing said to Eun sook," mmm.... promise me you won't tell this to anyone!!

Eun-sook: ok ok promise

Hualing: (Hiding her face) i like kai...

Eun-sook is surprise to hear this and goes to her and hugs.

Eun-sook: seriously!! do you like him? Wow....

Hualing gets shy...

In Dylan and Kai's room...

Dylan is drinking water and Kai comes up to Dylan.

Kai: Dylan I have something to say.

Dylan: yeah go ahead

Kai: I like chun (Eun-sook)

Dylan: wow that's great..! ( later he realized what did just kai said... and he paused for a second)..wait a minute! What did you just say...?

To be continued

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