Winchester, The Legend. Part 3
Juan's condition was getting worse day by day. His parents, Anna and Steve decided to consult with Dr Julio regarding Juan's mental health. Dr Julio was a renowned psychologist of London. Juan's appointment was on Tuesday afternoon. On the appointed day, after Juan came back from school, his parents took him to the doctor's clinic. Dr Julio tried his best to communicate with Juan, but he would not say a single word. On the other hand, his parents were waiting outside the doctor's clinic. After a while, Juan came back with a smile on his face. Seeing the smile, his parents also became happy. On reaching home, the thing that surprised them the most, was the news of Dr Julio's murder just after the appointment with Juan.

On the other hand, the news of Dr Julio's murder had spread all over London. Officer Mathew along with some other officers, rushed to investigate Dr Julio's clinic. Just as they expected, Dr Julio had all the same characteristics as that of the other victims. The only difference was that, he was not a teenager. Officer Mathew had a talk with the doctor's assistant. The assistant informed him that Dr Julio's last appointment was with a teenager named Juan. After investigating the clinic, the officers drove to Juan's apartment. There, they had a talk with his parents and started investigating the place. One of the officers suddenly found an old and rusty clown makeup kit from Juan's room. That clown makeup kit was used to make the clown makeup on the faces of those victims. The officers suspected Juan of being the murderer. Juan was taken to the juvenile police station. Officer Mathew asked him several questions but Juan didn't open his mouth. Suddenly one police officer came rushing and said "Sir there has been more than ten murders in the last hour. Juan's parents were also one of the victims. " Officer Mathew was taken aback. He said "Juan has been in the juvenile police station for two hours, then who has been killing these people? "

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