I am John Mark: Wanderer in the Desert
Yes, we all have a purpose in life, without exception. But it is up to us to find out what that is, and then to pursue it!"






So many stories, so many ways to tell. But the only one I know so well is my own.

Hello, my Name is John Mark.

When I was a boy here in Palestine, my mother told me that something, someone, very special would have a big influence in my Life. I don't know, maybe because I was still influenced by the world around me, but all I wanted was to be Free from the Romans. And so my only desire was to join the likes of Barabbas, Simon, and others I knew as a boy growing up. They were in a mission of Freedom, the very selfsame freedom I had longed for. So I made it my business to get to know them personally.

For me, they were my Mentors.

As far as my homeland, what can I say. It's the same thing really when your countrymen are enslaved by another Race. They burn your cities, pillage the Land and Rape your Women. And no matter how many times you hear about it or see it, you never get accustomed or callous to it.

I was incensed!

Ours was a beautiful people. In the Days of Solomon, not too long ago, our women were desired all over the world. Strangers from strange lands would visit places like Bethlehem and Bethel just to get a glimpse at our beautiful culture. But then the godforsaken Babylonians moved in, the Medes, Persians and finally the Romans. Our men and women, our entire culture, was virtually lost to lasciviousness and wickedness.

Yes, we had lost our way.

A handful of us, the Essenes, retained our Integrity and History, abiding by what we knew as right. We hid the Scrolls from the Flames of Rome and secretly taught the Good News to those we deemed worthy of God's Grace.

Some of us were captured, and tortured to reveal locations. We NEVER talked, trained by our own Militia that it was better to die than to Betray the Lord our God.

And they died

Crucifixion on old wooden stakes just outside Jerusalem, Golgotha. A hideous place of Serpents, and Demons.

It was our worse fear to have to be put to Death there, for stories told said once killed in that lot you could never reach the Gates of Heaven.

God Forbid.

Still, we were determined to be Free. And like everything worth having in this Life, that Freedom would come at a Price.

Again, I am John Mark.

And the Cost of my Freedom started with the Martyrdom of my Mother and Father.

But that's a Story for another Time. Now, it is Time for my Afternoon Prayers.

(The Chronicles of Mark)


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