•16 March 1995• 6:34 PM

I think my grandma is paranoid, last night she said she saw an owl that was as big as a human, I called the doctor and he said it was from the pills she is taking.

•17 March 1995• 3:00 AM

Second night waking up of screams I went to see what happened and my grandma was missing, the only thing I saw it was two orange circles, like something was watching me from the window

•18 March 1995• 10:34 AM

I didn't sleep last night I'm
still searching for my grandma.

•18 March 1995• 3:00 AM

A little girl was screaming over and over "HELP!" i rushed outside but I didn't find her, the weird thing is that i saw the two orange cirlces again i think there's something demonic in this village.

•19 March 1995• 4:45 PM

I was walking arround the village searching for my grandma and the girl , I only found their clothes and an owl feather.
I think my grandma isn't paranoid.

•20 March 1995• 3:00 AM

I saw the owl.
The whole village left but i stayed to search for the owl creature.

•20 March 1995• 3:35 AM

I found a cave and went inside it,
I saw the owlman cooking my grandma, i accidentally fell and the owlman saw me... My heart stopped when i saw those orange eyes

•21 March 1995• 6:10 PM

My shirt had feather's inside of it.

•3 July 1995• 7:23 PM