Judgement Day
An IT professional spent around 30 years in the IT industry. He started as a junior developer, then became a senior developer, and eventually a lead. Fed up with code and everything, he wanted a change, so he became a project manager. Finally, after years of struggle, he was fully settled and leading a stable professional life. However, his body could not keep up with his age. Around 35, he started experiencing baldness, and at 45, he was diagnosed with diabetes, which restricted him to a limited diet for the rest of his life. This was horrible for him. At 55, he developed arthritis. Somehow, he managed to cope with his life. Suddenly, one day, he died in an accident. After this major event, he learned about something called the afterlife and Judgement Day. Today was his Judgement Day, where God would decide whether he would go to hell or heaven.

He was standing in front of God. God was very different from the pictures he had seen on Earth. On Earth, he saw God as never aging, over six feet tall, and filled with charisma. But reality is often disappointing. There is a man in front of him, wearing baggy clothes with a beard nearing his knees, sitting at a table, and skimming pages of a huge book, probably looking for the IT guy's details.

“He looks somewhat similar to Santa,” thought the IT guy. “Ah!! Found it,” said God. Then he saw the IT guy for the first time. Generally, whenever people stood in front of Him, they were always tense. But God could tell that this person was definitely not tense; he seemed somewhat annoyed.

To lighten the mood, God started the conversation and said, “Feeling tense? Don’t worry, this will be a short process. You don't need to wait much longer here.”

“Being tense is the last thing on my mind. I want to have a conversation with you, and I need to discuss a few things with you,” the IT guy said, probably due to his experience as a manager or leader. He felt like this conversation was somewhat similar to a conversation with his reportee.

“Conversation with me? Why does his tone sound like he is commanding me?” thought God. “Speak freely. It’s been a very long time since I had a conversation,” said God.

“You know, I wanted to have this discussion with you, but due to a hectic schedule, it was not possible to speak with you. Anyway, I have been observing your performance for quite some time. Your product Earth is not up to standard. There are a lot of complaints from customers about your product.”

“Customers? What customers? What are you talking about?” said God.

“I am talking about the defects in the production on Earth. You know there are literally features like snakes, wild animals, and many other dangers that are killing us. Every year, numerous humans die. Also, it seems like there is no proper testing framework from your side. With every new generation, instead of integrating good features, you are integrating bugs,” his words caused more confusion to God. Seeing God's confusion, the IT guy continued, “Not understood? I will explain. Take me as an example. You can see my baldness; this was hereditary from my father's side. My father had a very great physique. Until his death, he could take care of himself very easily. Instead of giving me his good body, you removed all those positives and gave me only his one bad trait: baldness. My mother was very intelligent and had a great personality. From my mother's side, you have only given me their familial issue: diabetes. Similarly, there are lots of complaints from multiple people. Also, your ticketing system is the worst, to say the least. People stand in line for hours to raise their concerns, only to never receive any type of response. Honestly, you need to have a better ticketing system. If you want, I can help you in designing your new ticketing system so that you can respond to concerns as fast as possible. I know you have lots of potential. I’m hoping for improvement in your performance,” the IT guy finished his conversation. Meanwhile, God was completely dumbstruck. Never in His thousand years had He thought today would be His Judgement Day.

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