Maylou Holtzclaw
Maylou Rosalie Holtzclaw was born in April 16th 1939 she is portrayed by Sir Calvin Nance in Sir Calvin's YouTube skits. She is the new wife of Wellford Maylou and Wellford gets along very well but sometimes they don't Maylou's first appearance is in the 2023 short called May's Family Reunion she is very happy to be with her family and smile to see them. May also made a cameo appearance in Wellford's movie called Wellford And The Big Big Celebration. Wellford told his nephew Calvin that he was getting old and May jumped in and said he means he's getting young May doesn't wont her husband to be feeling like he isn't good enough for life she doesn't wont him to think he's too old either. Maylou's parents names are Ingrid Shumate (Mother Deceased) Sir John Shumate I (Father Deceased) Maylou's siblings names are Sir John Shumate II (Brother Deceased) Neil Shumate (Brother) Maryann Kane (Sister) Daisy Armstrong (Sister) Agnes Rigdeway (Sister) Estelle Grissel (Sister) and Gordon Shumate (Brother) Maylou has a husband Ryan Lockhart Sr.(First Husband Deceased) Maylou's new husband is Wellford's Holtzclaw (2nd Husband) Maylou has children Ryan Lockhart Jr. (Son Deceased) Anastasia Gilliam (Daughter) Terrence Lockhart (Son) Michelle Steen (Daughter Deceased) Trevor Lockhart (Son) and Molly Woods (Daughter) Maylou's brother in laws Kenny Kingston (Brother In Law Deceased) Iuventhian Jackson (Brother In Law Deceased) Freddie Murphy Sr. (Brother In Law) Ralphburn Kessler (Brother In Law Deceased) Sir Alexander Murphy II (Brother In Law) and Limpy Murphy (Brother In Law) Maylou's sister in laws Catherine Murphy (Sister In Law) and Beatrice Bumpster (Sister In Law Deceased) Maylou has a mother in law and a father in law Shug Murphy ( Mother In Law Deceased) and Sir Alexander Murphy I (Father In Law Deceased)
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