Regina Jewelry Company? Worth It Or Not?

Have you heard of the Regina Jewelry Company? Well neither have I UNTIL recently, and let me tell you I wish I would of discovered this brand way sooner. Regina Jewelry Company is a Jewelry brand based in Amsterdam. They give you TOP QUALITY jewelry for fractions of the price. Also whatever style your into they have a piece for you. If interested in any Regina Jewelry pieces are Reginajewelry.co use code BBRJDEZ20 for 20% off at checkout.

Let's start with 5 festival pieces you MUST have this fall festival season. The first piece being "Snake Ear Cuff" this super cute snake ear cuff piece is definitely a statement piece as it wraps around the entire ear giving a boho-ey, glam look. The second must have festival piece would have to be the "minimalist body chain" this chain goes around your neck between your chest and under your breath eith a rhinestoned line going through your chests. The third festival MUST HAVE IS, the "dainty snake necklace" why not have a cool snake piece to go with my number 1 festival piece the snake ear cuff. Snake pieces are VERY in right now. Moving on to the fourth and fifth festival must haves are the "evil eye waist chain" and a matching "evil eye orb" necklace because who don't love a good evil eye piece.

Our next category where we NEED Regina Jewelry MUST haves are our Zodiac pieces. Who don't love a GOOD zodiac piece. Zodiac pieces bring a personal touch to your jewelry game since it IS the month you were born and all. And Regina has you COVERED on Zodiac pieces STARTING with MY favorite the "Constellation Zodiac Set" comes with a necklace AND earrings two for one baby, and who don't love that. Coming in second is the "Birth month set" you pick your stone color, Zodiac sign and flower of your month. Another necklace not very Zodiacy but still in the category the "tarot" necklace, let's be honest tart deck necklaces are so in. Finally your angel number necklace because well it has everything to do with your birthday.

The next Jewelry topic I want to hit one with Regina Jewelry is ideas including pearls, yes pearls, pearls are making their way back into the jewelry scene becoming yet popular again. Regina has you set in the pearl look. The first being "pearl hoops" these cute yet elegant set of earrings is great for the office or a girls night out either way pearls fit into any occasion. The next pearl piece is "pearl treasure" this necklace would be SO CUTE to layer with ANY other Regina necklace. Layering is BACK in style yall and we can't forget to layer our jewelry. Our next pearl must have look is your "basic pearl necklace" a string set of pearls the OG of basic pearl sets, BUT layered with a dainty cute smaller inched necklace screams, she knows what she wants in life. Slay ladies. And Finally our last AMAZING pearl piece from Regina IS "pearl angel number" because pearls AND angel numbers say less, YES PLEASE. Pearls add a piece of elegance to any dress look or occasion and Regina Jewelry has you covered. Cisit her site at Reginajewelry.co to look at her pieces yourself.

Next topic of conversation IS our clean girl astetic pieces. Clean girl astetic is basically basic, minimalistic jewelry. The Danity-er and smaller the better. SO for my tip 5 clean girl astetic jewelry pieces COMING IN at number 1 would have to be "Forest princess 925 ring" small cute ring with a TINY green gem, is perfect clean girl vibes. Remember the smaller the better. Second clean girl astetic piece would have to be the "mon amour" set simple butterfly and heart shaped pendants on gold tiny chains, is the key to a perfect clean girl astetic, can't go overboard on the bling, remember the less is best. Coming in next for our clean girl vibes is the "chain ring" a simple beautiful ring that looks like its chain linked, this ring would also be super cute stacked with another super thin, dainty, gemmy ring. Remember clean girl astetic is as minimalistic as it can get. And our last clean girl astetic vibes set from Reginajewelry.co would be "black diamond" and "elegant crystal" rings stacked together for the ULTIMATE clean girl ring Duo. The black tiny diamonds with the clear Cubic diamonds on the elegant crystal ring is the ultimate Ying and yang in the clean girl astetic pieces.

Regina has a piece for literally ANY style. If your into the snake jewelry she has SO many snake inspired pieces, like the snake body chain, it's so beautiful especially for a concert or night out the snake jewelry vibes are definitely for your festival girl. Or the also have men's streetwear with Nike inspired and Jordan inspired necklaces, they're so vibey and cool. They have you minimalistic Danity clean girl pieces and plenty to choose frome. Down to some LV designer pieces, to the frisky girl with their playboy pieces, for your spicey side. For my witchy girls, she got evil eye in every category imaginable from necklaces to rings etc. And let's not forget about personalization from birthstones to birthday months to birth signs. Last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST mommy and me pieces that are too precious yo pass up. So BASICALLY what we're saying is whether your gothy/emo vibes, minimalistic vibes, clean girl vibes, designer vibes, witchy vibes, preppy vibes, masculine vibes, streetwear vibes, casual vibes, festival vibes, mom vibes, colory piece vibes. There's a vibe for you at Reginajewelry.co NOBODY is discriminated against all genres are welcome and there IS a piece for you on her site. Check out Regina Jewelry at Reginajewelry.co and use code BBRJDEZ20 FOR ADDITIONAL 20% OFF.
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