we are an avalanche
Daniel was born a healthy male baby. Throughout his childhood, he practiced well manners and proper etiquette. Suddenly, on his 20th birthday, he fell into a month-long coma. Once he woke up, he was Daniel no more. He couldn't resist the habit of saying or doing mean things that would degrade and humiliate another persons’ dignity. This took a toll on his daily life and once stable and loving relationships became broken and bitter shipwrecks. Living a new life, we follow a new world he stumbled upon, a world filled with disrespect and vile manner.
to put it in plain language, we created a narcissistic behemoth, and are being crushed to be sucked of purpose for which we came, i.e, to create a saner world for the next generations to inherit,
it's always me and my race, and not we together as healthy humans,
you see, it's possible, but the desire for usurping is unparalleled,
we are an avalanche in making,
heading for headlong, downward crushed crashing , to smithereens.