Happy ending
once there lived a woman with no child she wanted to adopt but her husband refused she even begged him but he refused to adopt when he agreed he told her if we adopt a child when we have one we won't throw away the adopted child she agrees to adopt the child and her husband support she adopt a boy child who is 1 year old and a year later she gives birth to a girl child which name is Dora the boy's name was Romeo and Romeo and Dora were best friends playing, reading, and doing their hobbies together if they weren't two siblings which they weren't but didn't know they would have been lovers but according to the promise of a husband the mother of Dora didn't tell her daughter anything neither did she treat them unequally she treated Romeo and Dora the same way Roman started having feelings for Dora and Dora was also having feelings for Romeo in school they were both protective of each other Romeo was always with Dora at school. Romeo became the senior because he started school a year before her this made him write as fast as possible and do his class activity first and try to meet up with Dora cuz Dora normally closes before him the whole school called them couples for their closeness they never call them couples around their parents cuz they thought it will affect them
one day Romeo and Dora overhead their parents talking their conversation was so serious that he nearly led to a fight they were talking about Romeo the father was saying Romeo is not our biological son if he knows this he will hate us for sure the mother replies you are drunk shut up do not see anything before they hear us I know Romeo is not our child but is our child dora's best friend we won't tell him anything is that okay with you the father keeps saying Romeo is not my child Romeo is not my child but dora's best friend the mother quickly carried him to their maternal room as he's smelling drunk Romeo and Dora comes in as if nothing had happened Dora in shock starts crying in front of their mother and when she was asked what happened she just say that she had a strong belly pain later Romeo decided to tell Dora parents the truth a he holds Dora hand went to the parlor where Doris parents were sitting and said Mr and Mrs Dora he shouts and scares them they tell him to keep quiet because they say that he is their son and it's not supposed to talk like that to them he said that he knows the truth and nothing to hide anymore he said he's in love with Dora and there's nothing they can do about it the parents look at Dora and Dora says the same thing and Dora looks at Romeo in the eye as Romeo looks at her in the eye they get closer to each other and they kiss as their parents are looking at them in shock