Let's make the dream come true
Let's make the dream come true

One day I was sleeping and I had a dream. We enter the dream. It remains:

In that I found a key, as it is from an apartment or a treasure, and there were two doors in front of me, the door of the apartment, and a door containing the treasure chest, and I always woke up before I chose

The second day is also the same dream, but the two times are in front of each other, not everyone is at a door. I took the key and ran to open a box. Danger came out and pulled me inside, and I have no other key because the first time I opened the key it disappeared.

After that, I entered the inside of the box to find me. I stayed in a place like this, a city full of keys, and people were confused about what to choose. GreedI am your greedy demon.


Me: This was curiosity, not greed

He: The matter is over, and I stayed in your place, and I will enter your house and take your job, so let greed benefit you

Me, no

Suddenly I found him, he disappeared, and people were looking at me in amazement, and the keys were all gone. Okay, I will never covet again. Listen to me: We hear you after all that you did. The key that you lost. This was the key to your apartment. You lost it.

I suddenly woke up from sleep, while I was approaching, I found 2 keys on my desk, and I found a piece of paper written on it: I will be back in a little while:noooooooo
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