Man who hope with Love: sweet moments
Friendship begins to happen between Dhaara and Maanav.
On one hand, Priya is unhappy about Siddharth because Siddharth was not serious about the relationship, sometimes he used to talk, he could never control his anger, Priya knew that Siddharth will never understand her love & why is she Standing with Siddharth in the footsteps?
Both Dhaara and Maanav started meeting together, Priya was also called somewhere but Priya was unhappy with her love, so she did not go to meet Dhaara and Maanav.

Slowly the time passed, the current of Maanav and Dhaara kept increasing and both of them moved ahead of friendship,
Maanav " Dhaara, Did you have a boyfriend before?"
Dhaara "yes, but he had broken up with me because of his studies"
Maanav "Do you still love her?"
Dhaara "No, he is married, and neither did I ever talk to her."
Maanav "I love you but this thing has come to my lips today, I don't know what you think about me? But whatever was in my heart, I told you."
Dhaara, "I love you too, but you never understood my gestures you are a true very innocent"
Maanav "What do I say in this way?"
Maanav grabs the hands of Dhaara and both of them keep looking at each other, time stops for Maanav.
Maanav had started feeling that he had got the happiness of the whole world.
Dhaara was also happy in Maanav love.
Both of them started spending time with each other, they meet in a temple where Maanav grabs the hand of dhaara for offers water over to the Shiva lingam. The loving smile of Dhaara touches the heart of Maanav.
Later they both spend a lot of time together.
Dhaara was driving her moped and Maanav was sitting behind while talking to Maanav, Dhaara kisses Maanav and the moped goes up on a dune and Dhaara & Maanav get hurt in a small way, Dhaara's leg dubbed under moped.
Dhaara "Stand up moped. My leg is stuck under the moped."
Maanav quickly stands up the moped and takes Dhaara in his arms and sits on the bench.
Dhaara "Keep supporting me just like that when I fall."
Maanav "I will come to save you even if you fall deliberately."
"I love you."
Both of them do it and get lost in each other.
After Dhaara keeping her head on Maanav's shoulder, she is held in the dream for a while after holding his hand.
Then Maanav gets a call from the home and he has to go the home, both are separated by the way and then Priya sees both and asks herself what have I done?
Priya calls Dhaara again and again but Dhaara ignores the phone.
Priya calls Maanav, but Manav's phone is not connected at that time.

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