dusty cover of a book {part 2}
I reached the my college and I was like wow.....
there were so many new faces I was glad that yesss.... now.....now I'll be no more alone I'll get a friend surely
by the way it was hard to find my class but some how I got there but I was late that's why I got the last bench
but as everyone can relate that when you are late everyone is sitting on their benches and you walk from front to your seat that distance feels like many miles and that walk is harder than a model ramp walk....
they see you like you are an 👽 alien
it's feels really wierd and awkward....
i was noticing others,finding someone
and after the class trying to talk and connect with them ..... asking them for college tour
but as usual they ignored me here too
oh well... first day ended..couldn't even explore my college
back to home with sadness
but I was still having hopes that another day would be better
but it was getting different and was unexpected that made me cry...

wanna know what happened next day???

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