Going Back to 1985

This life sucks. I hate this!!!! I shouted to myself while looking at mirror. What if I reached all my dreams? What if I listened to my mother that time? Will I still become miserable like this?


I quickly went out to see who is shouting , oh no, damn it, there they are again. I need to hide.
I hurried to the closet and tried not to make any noise. If you are curious who they are, they are the group of gangs I haven't paid the loan yet that's why they are here.

"Florence where are you!!! Show up if you don't want to di3!!"

I was trembling while one of them saying that.
This is not gonna happen if didn't be an idi0t when I was young.

After a few minutes, i took a small peek and I felt so relief. Finall they already left. I went out from the closet, locked the door and went to bed crying.
"I wish I can still fix my life" after saying those words everything went black.

I woke up because of someone's voice


I was suddenly enlightened when I heard the voice. It was Mom???!!!

"I've thought you were dead? I asked curiously

"You!!!! Why are you saying those words?! Do you want me to die huh???!! Get up and go take a bath or you will going to be late!!"

Late? But I already stopped studying. Am I dreaming? And this old house. It's already sold but why am I here? I slapped my face hard so I realized that I wasn't. I looked at my phone and saw the date "February 5, 1985??!!" How come??
It's already 2024? It's impossible. I quickly went out of my bed and went to the bathroom while my mind is still confused.

While showering I realize that it's actually my chance to change my life. At first I'm still curious, I'm so thankful for this. I won't do any mistakes again that can affect the reality.

"Promise I'll make you proud my dear self"

I arrived at the school and saw all my old friends I missed them so much.
"heyyyyyy wanna go to the bar after class?"

They all agreed to Patricia but I declined cause I want to give my time on studying. Like duh I already learned my lesson.
They just nodded and we continue talking.

I studied different books just to pass the upcoming exam and I did!!!! Im super proud of myself after those hardworks that I did, it was all worth it. This, this is the life that I want I'm still hoping that I can change my life in the future. Cause I already know what will happen to me is I didn't reach my dreams and didn't get a proper job.

I already graduate and got accepted to a prestigious university. I learned a lot, work a lot and met so many people. All of those we're part of my changes. I passes my Licensure exam for nursing and now Im a very successful nurse!!! I did it. I finally manage to change my Future!!!
I've thought I will be so happy that I can go back to the real world, the reality knowing that I successfully changed my future. But something happened that change everything.

I was at the cafe I was supposed to go home now but someone is following me I didn't even bother to turn my back because I was so scared after that I stumbled into a rock and tripped. I looked up to see a boy that is holding my wallet?!

"Miss you forgot this at the coffee shop. I was supposed to return it but you keep running that's why I followed you."

Goshhh I felt to embarrassed
"Sorry I've thought you were an stalker that why I ranned away" I replied while laughing awkwardly.

"It's Sean"

"Florence" I just replied and gaved him an small smile.

We hangout for a while and finally said goodbye because it's getting late.
I was at my room thinking about him "Wait what? Thinking??? Gurl- I just met him" I said looking so weird. Omg do I like him? Is it love and first sight? Noooooooooo

I faced the pillow cause my cheeks were turning like a tomato. But i didn't realize that I already fallen asleep.

We keep seeing each other at the cafe we talked a lot and get to know both ourselves. We have a lot in common. But I still hide my feelings for him. I don't want to ruin our friendship just because of this stvpid admiration. It's been a month when we started to hangout.

"Let me take you somewhere"


"You will know, hop in the car"
Je opened the car door for me at went to the drivers seat. We drive under the beautiful moon of the night. Until we reached a beautiful place, where we can see the view of the sky full of stars.

"The stars are so pretty it's so mesmerizing" I just said because it's true. I just wanted to stay here for the rest of my life.

"Yes it is so pretty" He said but he is looking at me??!

"What if I like you?" I said while looking at the stars.

"What if I said that i like you too?" His reply made the butterfly on my stomach move but it all faded away after he said
"Just kidding" He followed through.

I just rolled my eyes, I thought he likes me back.
"Lol so funny" I just said.

"No I swear I really like you"

Those made my heart beats so fast he looked at my face smiled a bit then looked away.

"Even from the start I really want to know you more and be friends with you but I didn't know that I will fall. Will you catch me?"

"Bro why would I, your litteraly so heavy" I said while laughing, he just starred at me madly.

"If course I will duh..." After I said that his mad face quickly turned happy.

"If we meet in another world, will you still love me?" I ask with no hesitation.

"Of course I will, why wouldn't I" His answer touched my heart.

I woke up on a very loud sound of a car. What's happening and where am I?This us my old condo? I gave a quick glance to the side of my bed and saw a uniform of a nurse.Wait... I looked up to the window and quickly grabbed my phone to see the date. May 5, 2024?!
So I'm back to the reality I wanted to feel so happy that my whole life changed but something is missing and It's Sean.... Does he still remember me, even at this time?

I went out to made up my mind, I went to the park to have a fresh air. But one couple caught my attention. The girl is so pretty but I couldn't see the boys face so I pretended to walked to their direction. I don't know why am I doing this but I really felt like something was...off.

I walked pass over them. My tears almost fell down when I saw who the boy was. But he promised right? I thought that he will love me even in another world he promised but I guess I was wrong. I stayed at my place for a second until they walked passsed by me,
but Sean looked directly to my eyes. Does he remember me? Or it's just my hope?

I couldn't think any straight that time so I asked them
"A-are you guys a c-couple?"

"Yes we are, and we are engaged btw" The girl said with a wide smile showing the ring on her finger. That's thr ring that I wanted to buy when Sean and I hanged out.

I just smiled at them hoping that my tears won't fall. "Congratulations that the last thing I said both of them said thank you then walked away.

I watched both them laughing and smiling with each other. It's supposed to be me right? If I can get the chance to go back to the past again, will you still love me the same?

I bit my lower lip. I tried so hard not to cry but my tears betrayed me. I felt a hot liquid falling under my eyes.

"I wish you a happy life Sean I thank you for the time we spend, you made me feel that I am not alone, hoping you will remember me someday and those happy memories we've made. Til we meet again.

"Au revoir mon amour".
(Goodbye my love)

Hiiii this is my third story. Thank you for reading I hope you really enjoy it. I apologize for the wrong grammars or mistakes and Idk why I love sad endings so muchhhh. I'll promise to make it better. Check my profile and follow for more upcoming storiess!!🎀💋

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