The Eyes That Cried For You
Many times I had listened to their heartbeats through their miens.

Sometimes, they have scary moments, confusing confrontations, challenging steps, yet they respond to their abilities.

When you see him or her smile to you, despite the challenging time, it's from the deep side of his heart.

Do you think he doesn't cry?

Yes, He do.

But because of you, he pretends to be happy just to make his outburst emotions unnoticed to the one he loves.

To him or her, you do not deserve to cry while he is still alive.

They go through a lot to raise you.

Insults, discrimination, confusion, hard times would be their temporal abode. Yet, in such conditions, they are always striving to build a permanent environment for your happiness in future.

Never forget the hands that raised you.

Those hands could be your father, mother, uncle, mentor, colleague or a friend.

Do not religate the role of his or her importance towards the great person you've become today.

To him or her deserves the best from you.

When you were like a 'social misfit' to others around you, he saw love, life and brightness in you.

To him, your sadness makes him unhappy.

Your smiles attract him to wear a smiling face.

She could go hungry for hours just for you to be satisfied with the little she could bring to the table.

Her knees have known no rest because she believes that prayer changes situations; so she suffered those knees for you to be a changed person.

Never forget the eyes that cried for you so that you might laugh.

~ Stanley Ezeanya