The Hidden Potential.
Amal has always been a bright student and always had interest in poetries, she wanted to shine in front of the whole world but little did she know that she had stage fear but still she was anxious enough that "She can do it" but the problem arrived when she fainted on the stage when she was about to show her talent.
Everybody mocked her and teased her.
After that she suffered in silence as it was the first failure of her life.
But It was her father who realised her potential that she can achieve anything and then he started to motivate her everyday by the stories of successful people who faced failure first,and he made her realise that God always support those who try.
Slowly and slowly she attained her confidence again and one day she went again to deliver her poetry, this time also she was bit nervous but lit bit confident also that God is there with her and her father too.
She went on the stage and performed well ,
Everyone was astonished by her heart touching poetry and were silent for few minutes, after that they clapped and appreciated her.
And she gained her confidence again.

Moral of the story:
- No one is you and no one can ever be,
And you can make your own history.
You have your own potential and you are prudent enough to utilise it .
Just take small steps at your initial days and it will turn out into big result by your final days. Just believe in yourself and God will never let you down.
Life is not always about "Go with the flow" , it's also about "Pause for a moment" to realise it's never too late to do something better.
I know you want to improve, I know you are trying but for that you have to take correct actions not only for one day but everyday because success comes to those who don't abscond from difficulties because the pain of studying is better than the pain of regret.

Are your excuses bigger than your dreams?
A big "NO", right?
then work and snatch it.

I know you are still scared about your future but let me tell you, you are imperfectly perfect and you deserve everything that you dream.
© Kirti Maddheshiya