In Our Country ,We have seen various experienced and skillful experts.They always ran after truth and practical knowledge. Intellectuals always practical and keen observative in their principles.In the world, Wise men fought for justice and truthful deeds.They had won in their endeavour.The illiterate cannot defeat the wise 6 was the curse of our Society.They are creating disorders and destruction in the Society.

We dislike these illeterate people.They misuse the freedom and advancement of the Society.They always move to discouragement and destruction.Wise people always posess respect and love from the learned people in the World. In the modern World. People who are educated turned their mood in to terrorism and malpractice.In the Modern World, in our India Family people always become violent.They fight themselves. The sons,daughters ,kids and kins faught for money and wealth.They commit alot of crimes.I intend that Ancient intellectual always careful and honest in their deeds,awareness comprehension,mastery and realisation.Their cognition always been luminant like Sun.

Even educated come in various confrontation or in fracus Why?think
Main reason is selfishness and
greediness. Not only the uneducated, but also the educated are the cause of the destruction of the society, the family and the ill health in the modern age. What is the difference between them and the illiterate?In the old society, our forefathers did not have all the facilities. There were no educational institutions, hospitals, ration shops, super markets, railway facilities, airports or universities like today.Our forefathers worshiped nature with devotion. Clean water, wind and environment were only theirs then. Jain and Buddhist worship of nature still thrills us. Buddhist used to go to distant Mount Kailash in China to complete their kora. It is near by the Manas Sarovar lake.That is, the old love of nature and the love of God don't exist today.Temples,Churches and Mosques become centres of business and trade.
Who has the right not to salute Swami Vivekananda who gave guidance to worship Karma without worshiping Idol?One caste, one religion, one God for man. Inequalities are being removed from Kerala, the own land of God, who said that no matter the religion, man should be good. He who cannot follow the words of Sri Narayana Guru is not a man.

The forest ,nature that used to be full of goats, deer, tigers, sparrows, tigers, pools, rivers and flowers is becoming alien to us today.If we don't worship the sun,light, the symbol of knowledge, is becoming invisible in the modern age.We are destroying nature which is our life and support.In the same way, the modern generation, the children brought up by making milk from the blood of the chest, threaten the life and property of the mother, the protective father and become murderers.Parents, Pedagogue and Gods are becoming alien to the modern generation today.They are not ready to respect those who are wiser and more experienced than them.Where was the progress of the nation except when our leaders tried to use the freedom won by the lives and blood of the heroes for their own selfish interests?.who will develop the Indian society where the violation of our constitution is problem?
When will the leaders who spread false dramas and play bogus deeds by offering flowers on the soil of India where the holy blood of the great soul was spilled, who called to act or die, bring development?.Deprived of human love, generosity and magnanimity, the modern selfish man has become a sacrificial animal caught in the butcher's net.Having poisoned the air and water, same man began to eat poisoned rice,wheat and different vegetables.They die themselves on earth.The purity of the mind is as fragrant as flowers and as bright as good thoughts. Good deeds sanctify man and lead to peace of mind and contentment. But modern society strays from this like unknown animals and wanders for dishonest gratification.
Today, more women than men spend the night in the center of big cities, indulging in drunkenness and even breaking traffic rules. The law enforcers are cowering in fear. My ears are pierced by the cries of a cursed society that sows the seeds of destruction and waits for the next generation.Man, who is lower than the animals, today blames the animals and becomes wicked.How can they get salvation?.Prayer and worship are not the way to salvation. True thoughts and good deeds are the only means of salvation.Making a garden full of fragrant flowers is more better than creating an atom bomb and causing mass destruction.Death is a reality. It will catch up with us when the time comes. But today man is trying to invite death. For the poisonous air, the food, and the surroundings were created by him, the result of which is the shadow of death, which remains by his side forever.

In UP and in many big cities of India and rural areas, this sacred land which gave birth to Kabirdas, Kalidasa and Swami Vivekananda has become a hell of wicked giants who molest even young girls.Good educational institutions, countries, governance systems and political parties are always the contributions of intelligent and educated people.But today these are turning into huge centres of slaughter that are decimating the poor.Murders and suicides are increasing in the modern society of Kali Yuga. This is happening because of the evil thoughts and brutal actions of the young generation.

It is his good thoughts that make a man better. But his fiery thoughts drive him mad and destroy him absolutely.According to the statistics, the death toll is increased very exponentially. As the corpses are being carried away, we are watching with the lightness of a puppy falling apart on the ground.Knowing that there are many responsibilities in the family, the new generation is ruining the dreams of the mothers and fathers who do not do it properly and do other unnecessary things. Life is to be enjoyed, but family love is another commitments

Responsibilities are family and community commitments. It can be assured that whoever forgets and does not know is not a lover of humanity, society and nation.Love and unity are like pearls and flowers in a colorful necklace. If they are broken, family and social security will be on the path of destruction.Animals can never be human. But humans can be animals and be non-human. How many people live as humans in modern society? Very few.Children, male and female students are like a flower spreading fragrance in the society. They spread like a tree and shade the family, but where does their destruction come from in Kali Yuga?. We see the modern youth generation on the path of self-destruction when the desires and aspirations are limitless and cannot be fulfilled.The lack of emphasis on moral and ethical education in modern educational policy is often create many devastation in student's life. It is essential that educational institutions educate and make children understand what changes come with age?

Man becomes a mindless animal because he is selfish. Man runs around like a horse without a bridle to achieve his interests. An uncontrolled horse and man invite danger.When an individual is lost, the loss to the family and society is immense.Life is like falling leaves. Time waits for no one. Try to do your responsibilities as much as we can.Albert Einstein was a famous scientist and a priest of peace. He had forbidden to kill people by using atomic bomb. In violation of it, the countries of the world killed millions of people by using atomic bomb. In modern rich countries, people like Putin are killing people by using fire missiles. When will end the system of killing innocent people. When will the fragrance of peace and harmony spread in the world. It will not happen.
It will not happen. Because we will not be able to contribute that fragrance to the next generation without the end of personal selfishness and national selfishness.

We should try to think silently for two minutes a day whether our deeds right or not. By running around, our actions for ourselves cause another kind of harm to others.Green forests, pure water source, holy wind, singing birds and powerful animals have all been lost due to our daily evil deeds. It is still going on.The modern age has sown many seeds of destruction and is preparing to welcome the next generation. Along with trying to use science and technology for a luxurious life, due to this, the level of carbon monoxide and chlorofluorocarbonhas been created which is making the atmosphere poisonous.Therefore, this generation should be able to create loving societies by thinking in spiritual and natural ways, by giving up the ways of destruction, in the way of truth, by gaining moralandethical awareness

This Book is dedicated to Society
In the Modern World with happiness