The haunting melody of willow house
in a quaint forgotten, village nestled deep with the wood ,there stood an old mansion known as willow house. it's ivy-covered walls canceled a dark secret that had haunted the village for generation, no one dared to enter the house , for it was said to be cursed by a malevolent spirit
the legend spoke of a talented pianist named Eleanor who had once lived in the mansion. she was renowned for her ethereal music, and her piano echoed hauntingly beautiful melodies that enchanted anyone who heard them. but Eleanor's gift came at price. desperate to compose the perfect piece , she made a sinister pact with an otherworldly entity

one faithful night, as the moon hung low in the sky ,Eleanor played her final composition,.her finger dance across the keys, producing an otherworldly symphony that left the listeners in a traces. but as the last note faded, her life forced were drained away, and her spirit became forever bound to the mansion.

to be continued.....