Love vs Fight
I ran all the way home from the ground. The older boys had beaten me up good but I still had the strength to run as far as I could from them.
I knew my mother would be the next one to thrash me for getting beaten up, which was ironical, if you know what I mean. But I had no choice. I couldn't tell her the real reason the boys picked on me. I was wondering how I would tell my mother everything. She won't be able to see me in this condition. How much I liked that girl, how much I did for her. I never expected this from her, I have lied so much to my mother and friend for her. Just one mistake and it's all over.I remember the day we talked for the first time. My heart fell on her dark eyes, the way she talked, like she was a celebrity. But how did she change so suddenly?
Then we kept talking, eating golgappas together, walking together, her smiling at me, my heart melted in front of her. We used to talk daily. we also went to school together.
One day suddenly when she came back from her home. I asked her why she came so late, she did not tell anything, then whenever I asked her anything, she did not tell me anything, she was angry with me. we always had fights.
Because of her, I used to talk less with my friends, I used to spend less time with my friend.
one day I saw her with some other boy but when I asked her about it, she lied to me, then I felt many times that I should ask her but I didn't ask on purpose...

Then I couldn't control myself anymore and one day I wanted to clear everything from her. When I asked her, she started going against me, so I scolded her a lot in anger and told her a lot and she started crying, so I tried to make her quiet. but she went home crying
Then the next day I talked to her brother, he explained to me a lot that you should not talk to her about all this, not to talk to my sister, then I would not talk to her from the next day.

Then after a month, when I saw her in the market, I said hello to her and she did not turn back and said anything and went away silently, so I felt bad.
She reacted as if she didn't know me. Then today her brother and his friends stopped me while coming from school. They scolded me a lot and threatened me. When I gave them an answer, they started beating me.

What shall I do ? How can I tell all these things to my mother? Someone tell me what to do?

I do one thing and tell my mother that there was a fight with my friends while playing cricket and a scuffle broke out.

© swatisingh