A pov about someone

I glare at the blue eyed man sitting next to me before scooting over because I know very well that saying anything to him will be useless. I create more gap between us on the couch but soon it was closed by him.Again.
I sigh and looked up at him, "What is your problem?"
"Hmm?",he asks nonchalantly, looking at me as if he has no idea of what I'm talking about.
"You're getting in my space, Jaan."I state the obivious.
"And?" He asks as if I asked some dumb or stupid question, going as far as wrapping his arm around my shoulder just to prove his point.
I try shrugging his hands off me, but he didn't even bulge a little.
He takes ahold of my hand with his free hand, placing it on his heart as if telling me about his heart beating so fast.
"You're so cute when you are angry , it gets me all hot and bothered, you know?"He whispers behind my neck, sniffing my hair like an addict.
I grip his shoulder to ground him(and myself), but he groans in return, the sound vibrating down my spine caused me to shiver a little.
"Don't be inappropriate. We both know this marriage is just a formality and ---"
He cuts me off with a chuckle, "I already knew that you underestimate me, but do you really think I did marry just anyone for a mere business deal?" He laughs in a sarcastic manner, the sound mocking and taunting. "You were mine from the moment I laid my eyes on you, my lioness. All mine."


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