***TW*** The people in this story are both of age, consenting adults. Very graphic descriptions. "Fowl" language. 18+ only.


You smell like gasoline and cedar. A musky seductual scent, even your sweat smells sweet to me.
The way your body feels pressed against mine, like you belong there. As you shift down slowly.. my hands running through your hair, letting them linger down to your shoulders. Your skin feels electric, static on my fingertips.
Feeling your beard tickle my inner thigh, while your hands grip my hips, my heart starts pounding and a wave of heat washes over me.

"No" you say assertively, "not yet".
You get off the bed and pause for a moment, your eyes sparkling in the dim light of our bedroom.
"lay on your stomach"
I do so, eagerly anticipating my next order....
Your voice lowers to a calm, quiet, yet dominant tone.
"I am not going to spank you, I am not going to hurt you. I am going to touch you, so very lightly, with this paddle, I am going to trace your body and tease you. Sooo lightly that the paddle itself will barley touch you, only the air between you will touch your skin."
You crouch down next to my year, and you whisper to me in a devilishly sexy voice.
"But if you do want me to spank you, you know what to say, right?"
"mmhhmm" I let out, I'm more focused on the thumping of my heart beat in my ears.. I'm so turned on, I can feel my cum soaking my panties.
"be clear when you speak to me, do you know what to say?"
"yes" I moan...
"yes.. what?"
"yes daddy" I'm panting now...my legs are squirming on the bed...
"good girl, now tell me."
"when I'm ready, I'll say.. please daddy spank me, I want it"
"mmmm good girl"
You grab my ass approvingly, then start moving the paddle up and down my body, it's hypnotic, relaxing and making me so horny, all at the same time. My clit is throbbing for you. I turn my head to look up at you, I can see your buldge trying to bust out of your pants, I want to reach out to touch... but I know it's not time yet. I'll be getting my way with you soon, I must be patient, and let you play.....
I start to moan frantically, "daddy, I want you to spank me"
"babygirl where are your manners"
"please daddy, I want it, bad"
"good girl"
I hear your pants unzip and the rustling of clothes falling to the floor. Finally.
god it feels so good
you spank me in a rhythm matching the pounding between my legs.
I can't take anymore, I want you now.
I sit up and grab your waist.
"mmmm very good girl, take what you want baby"
I look up at you and kiss your tummy, then I lick the area right above your shaft.. your head tilts back and I know it's my turn to play. I grab your ass cheek with one hand and your thigh with the other, I kiss the head of your rock solid cock gently and swirl my tongue around it, I hear you catch your breath in a moan, I smile and then I put my lips around your warm throbbing dick, I move up and down, my lips touching the very base of your shaft. You start lightly thrusting forward and I grab your ass hard as to let you know, not yet. Your hand caresses the back of my head and you grasp my hair between your fingers, you start pulling slightly and it makes me bob my head faster in excitement, you pull my hair harder and I moan, my voice vibrating your shaft.
mmmmmm you're moaning... you're loving this.... but I don't want you to cum in my mouth.
I assume the position, doggy style. You plunge your hard cock into my tight wet pussy and I lose my shit. With the amount of teasing and the way pleasing you got me off... I orgasm almost instantly, I'm screaming and shaking, as soon as I think I can't cum anymore I feel you start to thrust frantically into me, I hear your breathing start to get heavy and you softly moaning... then you cum and let out the sexiest growl/grunt I've ever heard... I feel the hot sticky cum run down my legs and drip onto my feet.
You lie next to me facing me, glowing and smiling. You gesture for me to come close, I do so gladly.
"mmmm baby I love you"
"I love you too" I say as I nuzzle into your chest. I lift my head to kiss your neck, I lightly nibble your ear before I put my head back.
You softly laugh and kiss my forehead.... how can you be so sweet, sexy, loving and deviant.....
I am so lucky.

© Samantha