𝙷𝚘𝚙𝚎 𝙸𝚗 𝚂𝚘𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚞𝚍𝚎
There was a dog that never left the abandoned house. No one could adopt the dog because it became aggressive and kept barking when people got closer to it.

One day, an old man passed the abandoned house and saw the dog sleeping. The old man approached the dog, touched its fur, but the dog didn't wake up. "Oh, doggie, you must be so tired," said the old man.

The old man left food for the dog. When the dog woke up and saw the food, it barked while wiggling its tail. However, its happiness ended in just a second, and it became sad again.

Since that day, the old man always visited the dog. One day, when the old man visited the abandoned house again, the dog wasn't there. He tried to call it, but no one came. The old man stayed there for an hour, but the dog didn't come back.

A week later, the old man saw the dog again at the abandoned house, but it wasn't asleep. The dog kept barking at him. "Doggie, don't be scared, I'm here to bring you food, look at you, you're so ill" but the dog didn't quiet down. The old man put down the food for the dog and said goodbye. "Okay, I will leave, just eat it up, okay?" he said with a smile.

After the old man left, the dog grew quiet and its sadness was evident. The old man got sick for 2 days and couldn't walk to the abandoned house. Little did he know, the dog was waiting for him. So, after he got better, he came again and saw the door was open. He went in and found some worms and a lot of decayed food that he had been bringing every day for the dog. He was shocked and immediately searched for the dog. He found the dog in the backyard, lying with flies around it. It was dead.

People didn't know why the dog always kept people away from him. The reason was that the dog had been adopted twice, and both of its owners had died. The dog didn't want to lose another best friend; it was traumatized from being left by someone it loved. It wanted to die too, rather than losing a best friend again. It tried to be friends with someone again, and that person was the old man. But the dog thought the old man had given up on him because he hadn't come for 2 days. The dog died from illness and hunger after not eating for too long because he was always hiding the food that the old man brought to him and didn't eat all of it.

The old man gave the dog a proper burial and continued to visit the grave. "Now I'm lonely again, doggie," he would say.

The old man had lost his two sons and had hoped the dog could be his companion every day, but it failed.

Losing someone we love is the most traumatic thing we will experience, and moving on in that situation is difficult. But there will always be a person who can be our companion and help heal us. Don't be afraid of losing them; be afraid of losing the chance to be with them.

© Chye