see you at the beach
I didn't know what anxiety was like before, but today I can feel it, I have an unknown fear inside me, maybe it's the fear of losing him. I can't eat properly, I can't sleep, I can't concentrate on anything. Tears are not stopping from my eyes. But I can't cry out loud because then everyone will know that something happened to me and everyone will be tense. I kept everything to myself. Once I thought that I should go and tell my mother everything but then I thought that there is no benefit in teasing my mother unnecessarily.

Unable to stay at home, I left. I thought I would go to his house once. Then all the way I kept blaming myself, because I knew that what happened was my fault, only for my ego that we are separated today. I'm standing outside his house now. I knocked on the door twice. After 10 seconds no one came, then when I was ready to go back I heard the door open, I was hoping that it would be Aryan. But this is his mother. I asked her that,

"Auntie! Where's Aryan?"

"He didn't tell me. He just said it would be too late to return home. Has something happened to him? Has anything happened to you?"

I was scared to hear these words from her. I was wondering why Aryan would be late? Where did he go? And thinking about these made me more restless. I went to the beach to calm my mind. The waves of the sea calmed my mind. The pleasant breeze assured me to fix everything. It was late at night, there was no one around, nothing was coming to my ears except the sound of wind and waves.Suddenly I heard a music, I thought I knew that music. The music was coming from my right side. I took my eyes off the sea and looked to the right, Someone is standing there and throwing a torch light at me, that's Aryan, he's coming towards me. Then I had a relief. And when Aryan came, I was making a speech about what to say.

Arian came and said,

"You're late"

"Why? Was I supposed to come today?"

"I texted you. Didn't you see the last text?"

"No, I blocked you before reading it; sorry!"


Before I could say anything, a call came to my phone. That's my mother. And the call reminded me that I hadn't told anyone at home where I was going. This time I was more afraid of what would happen to me when I got home. Aryan helps me calm down (I like this aspect of Aryan that he calms me down always). He drove me home. And we didn't talk to each other all the way. When I opened the car door, Arian said, "See you at the beach." I didn't ask when, because I knew when he would go to the beach. He smiled once and then left saying good night. I was surprised to go home. Because no one told me anything. They saw me and realized that I was not well, then they realized that I was fine now so they reacted normally with me. The next day, it was very enjoyable. I got up too late as usual. Then I put on a red dress and put on red lipstick.
I arrived at the beach at 5:45. Now you will ask, what happened at 5:45? In fact, Aryan proposed to me at 6pm.
and also I was more excited and reached 15 muni earlier. Aryan was standing there. I went to him, I decided what to say but Before I could say anything, he started saying.

"Natasha, I know I've hurt you. I'm sorry to you. You know me, I have never said anything in anger. And I've never been angry with you. I was angry that day for a problem and for other reasons I couldn't communicate well with you. If I don't talk to you, my day is over, and I haven't talked to you for three days. And you didn't even read my text yesterday."

He was saying many more things, but all of a sudden I don't know what happened, everything went silent, I could hear my heart beating, the gentle breeze began to blow. The reflection of the setting sun on my left was falling into the sea. A flock of birds flew to my right. After all this, I did not wait for him to stop talking, he kept talking and before he could finish I kissed him, the hearts of both of us were beating very fast. Then when I let go of the kiss, he hugged me very tightly. The tears in my eyes that I was holding back came out. Then with another long kiss we decided that we would enjoy this beautiful sunset and pleasant atmosphere. We held each other's hands and started walking on the beach. Then we had a lot of fun at the beach, ate some food, we both felt our love from the inside.

Finally, before returning home, I thanked the sea from the bottom of my heart. To start such a love between the two of us, to save it in spite of so much trouble. And I prayed to the sea to keep it going in the future.

Then if there is any problem in the future I will come to the sea and fix it. And if you too have a problem, then you go to the sea and, give yourself time, all the problems will be fixed

© samadrita