"Envious petals"
Write a short story with the word "Jealousy" as the main theme.
Once there was a twin sisters in a town. The sisters named Lily and rose. Rose is a well knowledge, intelligent girl. She helps others selflessly.
Lily is a beautiful girl in that town. She proud towards her beauty.
Every year in summer vacation a quiz competition was held in that town.
Rose and lily's parents want to join there children's in that competition. Rose was very happy about that competition, but lily want to enjoy her summer vacation with her friends. So, she asked her parents "mom and dad i want to spend my vacation with my friends, i don't want to participate in that competition". But the parents said no, "look at the rose, she starts reading for that competition, but you...?"
She felt sad and jealous over her sister. Lily starts to read around her sister and making troubles for Rose. But rose helps the lily for studing.
The day come everyone are eagerly waiting for the competition.An organizer appers on the stage and provide the instructions to the students who are participating in the competition . Competition begins, every student tried their best to give answers . But at the second level of the competition only 3 students (Rose,Lily and Nick) qualified for the final level. At the final level Rose wins the competition. Lily felt sorry and apologise her sister. After the competition both celebrate the victory together.

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