unreachable chapter 3
Ron: Seems to me you've gotten used to getting food personally delivered to you from myles. Lunch doesn't taste so good now, huh ?
if you wanted to keep it up , you should've been nicer to him . Now he's straighticing you.

Jimmy: I'm above that, Ron why lead that person ?

Ron : I don't know _ you might regret it in the future-

I actually think that dorky smile . his is pretty cute.

Jimmy: .....

In class ~~

Teacher: Don't forget midterms are coming up
I expect you all to do well , even those whos spent the entire class sleeping.

student,: Myles wake up Professor yang is looking at u .

Teacher: whether or not you pass is all up to you .

Myles: ?

Class dismissed .

Students: yo , is Myles okay? all he does is sleep now ,

probably because Jimmy Liu broke his heart .

Makes sense. All that work and even one date? he must feel terrible. poor guy ____

Myles: " these guys sure are quick to sing a different tune.

The same people that called me a bitch before ate now suddenly concerned about me

Do I really look that depressed ? "




Myles: ?

Ron : Be careful!
have you lost weight?

squeeze ~

Myles: Ron ?
I've ......

I've been busy.

Ron: Hey. the food you'd grab from Jimmy, where'd you get it ?

Myles: why do you ask ?

ron: He hasn't been eating much this past month and lost some weight. his parents are worried about him.

myles: Then tell him to go see a doctor , why does this have to do with me ?

Ron : Don't be like that . I'm just asking where you got them .

he won't eat anything but what you brought for him before .

would you rather see him get skinner and skinner?


Ron: fine ,fine I guess you really have given up on him . we'll just leave him to die -

Myles: ..... I'll bring something tomorrow but don't tell him it was from me .

Ron: alrighty then -

I knew I could count on you

Myles: what are you doing!?

Ron : you really did lose weight . your face isn't as squishy anymore ~

Myles: Let gooo- ow !


Ron: say 'Goncle' and I'll let go .

Ron !


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