Forest of mysteries
A gigantic tree, as tall as 5 Mt. Fujis stacked on top of each other, sprouted overnight in the middle of Australia. With it, a massive ecosystem appeared, giving rise to the rapid evolution of nearby life. Cockroaches developed gigantism, snakes developed legs became biped, and birds became amphibian. The plant life also flourished and bloomed exponentially with trees developing thicker bark, plants developing pheromones and chemicals that could drop multiple bears down, and flowers becoming as tall as trees. You were hired by the Australian Government to accompany and protect a group of scientists going to explore this mega forest. What abnormalities lies beyond?

I am Daksh, having 20 years of experience to explore and document the rare flora and fauna in the ancient lands and unexplored places of South East Asian countries. I have been bitten, injured and starved in many episodes but never lost my love for the nature and its treasures.

And here I am standing in front of entrance of mysterious jungle. I have been assigned as a guide to the group of scientists who are here to explore this new abberation formed in this land. The weather should have been hot at this time of year, but I could feel colder and humid breeze flowing from the centre of the forest. After checking with the authorities, we were given passes to enter the forbidden area sealed to general public. We have taken with us some medicines, antivenoms, ready to make foods, ration, waterbottle, survival kits and weapons. As we passed in between the two giant trees, I took some moment to check it. They were larger than redwood and thicker than the banyan trees with many tendril roots, which normally takes hundred of years to form.
I took the lead and behind me was Sam, short for Samuel, professor and team leader of six younger associates. There was a path to follow, that the Australian military have made. There were also check points every few miles. The path was getting narrower as we moved forward. Till now we haven't found any abnormalities enough to interests me, apart from larger and thicker shrubs, smaller bird like animals crawling on the sides. Haven't seen a flying bird here, may be because the branches if the trees shadow the sky. God, these trees are humongous, just how are they sustaining themselves. Never mind, here comes the rain, it's like we are walking through the rainforest. We decided to rest in the last check point, as our raincoats are not protecting the inner materials.

As we reached the last checkpoint, we could see heavy deployments. The commander of that place met us and we started our discussion in their canteen.
" Hello George, how are things going on here?" Sam asked while greeting Cdr. George. They were friends from college days.
" Don't ask, just how many troubles we have faced. We can fight enemy, but what we face here is exhausting. "
" Oh, then we took the right decision bringing out our guide." Sam exclaimed, while looking towards me.
" Hello sir, I am Daksh, I am accompanying the scientists. " I said politely while smiling and nodding.
" Then you better be prepared, as everything we see here is new and dangerous. " Cdr. George warned.
I went near the single window of the canteen, enforced with iron grills and thick glasses.
"Why have you blocked the window like that, don't you need fresh air. " I asked as I opened the metal shades.
" Don't open the shades right now while we are eating!!" One soldier shouted.
"Why, what happened?" I was taken aback.
" HIDE, close the shade, shut the light. They will come looking!"
As I looked out towards the window while kneeling. There were giant dark figures with many legs like some insects..
" Are they COCKROACHES??? " we look at each other shocked. There were sound of gunshots and these creatures run back to their hiding places.
" Yes, giant cockroaches, harmless but they try to enter our camp for food. Difficult to shoot but enough to scare them away." Cdr. George replied.

We decided to move on for our research. We can't waste much time here as it's already noon. Our goal it the giant tree, of unknown origin that is larger than the mountains and could be seen from hundreds of miles. I checked and filled my bag and after discussing with Sam and other, reached the final gate to enter the forbidden land.
" Always put the mask and goggles, as there are poisonous trees inside. Many of my guys got ill because of that. And have the guns and knife handy. I will have one of my guy accompany you till the last point of our exploration." Cdr. George said.
We thanked him and started our journey.
The weather changed and the place looked cold and damp now. There are fungi and mushrooms sprouting at every corners. Insects of varying size crawling everywhere, giving out a pungent smell which I could tell by looking at the soldier James accompanying us.
We had our masks on. Joseph and Daisy were collecting samples of the fungi and smaller plants. They had to change gloves everytime they have any spillage of liquids from the plant as they were potentially hazardous.
Just when I was watching them, I saw a big slender snake running past just ahead of us. I had my gun pointing at it, but it went away from sight.
" Don't shoot, they won't come near us. You better watch out from red and purple branches of the trees." James told us as he walked towards Sam. Other scientists too heeded to his advice.

We moved ahead as we got nearer to the base of big roots coming out of the Mother tree ( We have named the larget tree that look like mountain as Mother tree)
Wah roots are wider and cover hundred of feet and have narrow path in between. James said goodbye and went back and we choose the easiest looking path to enter.
It was wider and scantier greenery and narrow branches were easier to cut.
As we went few mile ahead, it got darker and we decided to make the tent and rest for the night.