FIX with aged hands & heart... "TYPOS OF MY THOUGHTS"
Sacrifice The Queen with her flaws, her emotional instabilites...Help build up her from being broken, insecure, and entitled... In order to help her plant, bud, blossom, and can be trimmed "maintain" to see brighter and farther future, For not only herself but to All She Nature....... chess Not, Checkers, that "capitalism" Love
The King moves one space at time because all his moves are calculated to perform appropriately... One spot shorter than most with a million thoughts racing at a time.. Can his knights⚔️, pawns "kids" and bishops🙏🏽 help him win the battle of Life to continue on? A Queen moves around in search of someone to obey and shield but all is broken But One .
A map of squares "people" all the same but with different moves, rules to find love, fortune, mercy grace & redemption... Steps Towards Unapologetic Love
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