According to Myers-Briggs
Unsurprisingly for someone who writes the odd bit of poetry, my MBTI type is the infamously weepy INFP-T (Mediator), with the Introverted (I) & Intuitive (N) traits being extremely dominant, the Prospecting (P) & Turbulent (-T), being moderately dominant and the Feeling (F) trait being only slightly more dominant than the counter trait Thinking (T); so I am almost an INTP-T (Logician) but my feelings ultimately dictate my actions despite being ultra rational when it comes to what I accept as true; hence why I must take MBTI with a pinch of salt (although its rough correlation to the more psychologically robust “Big 5” model give it some credence) yet find it an interesting categorical thought experiment - as with many of the near mystical, and ultimately unsubstantiated, ideas generated or inspired by Jung.
To go even further into psychological realms with shaky foundations, I have an Enneagram type of 4 (Romantic/Individualist) which correlates with my MBTI type, as a 4 is the most closely correlated with an INFP (not that this is surprising as the questions are similar and I would give the similar answers to both tests). According to the paths of regression or advancement each type makes, type 4 is most healthy when progressing toward a type 1 (Perfectionist/Reformer) which, based on my scores, I am heavily invested in. Good news perhaps. As for my “Wing” trait, this is type 5 (Observer/Investigator) which means I am plunged even further into self reflection than a mere 4 would without it’s w5.
Rationally I object to categorisation of complex beings into groups but emotionally it sucks me in and says, yes, you are idealistic, ever restless, never satisfied, always delving into the abstract, uninterested in the earthly, always doing things your own way at the expense of connection etc. Yet such would I prefer to express through poetry - fusing the emotional and rational - as the tendrils of a mere handful of poetic words haunt with the true fibre of a being; more than any psychologist’s box could calculate.