Night Of the moon elves. Chapter Seven The first battle.
Evelyn and King Alavorn woke up the next morning and they both went to the training grounds. Evelyn got ready in her armor and she had her quiver, her daggers, and her swords. King Alavorn got ready in his armor and he had his sword, his daggers, and his quiver. Then they both grabbed their bows and they went to the training grounds. They both trained along with their fellow soldiers. Then Evelyn was summoned to the throne room of the dragon's. The dragon king Zagror showed Evelyn their thrones and then the sword began to glow. It was elvish and it was curved and it had a blue and silver hilt, it also had golden designs and it was leaves and branches. The sword floated towards her and she took the sword and the elvish words appeared on the blade.

Evelyn: " sé mblandé sat vas lst hll rétūrn to sé trūɩé cwéɩén ɩof ɩéngwlarést. ( The blade that was lost shall return to the true queen of Eglarest.) "

King Zagror and Queen Theris were shocked that the sword floated towards Evelyn and now she was the one true queen who was going to save all the elven clans. Then the blood elves, ice elves, wood elves, mountain elves, water elves, and the star touch elves arrived at the Tar kingdom. The first ones to arrive were the blood elves. Their horn was red and golden and the one who blew into it was the king of the blood elves. Their king's name was King Jeith Flameheart. He had tan skin, long blonde hair, blue eyes, a tiny nose, and natural lips color. He wore his golden armor and his horn was fourteen inches and the opening was two and a half inches. The queen of the blood elves was a fairy. She was the keeper of the orange flame her name was Norah. She had tan skin, blue eyes, orange hair, a tiny nose, and lips red like a rose. They both wore golden armor and so did their soldiers. They entered Tar castle and they let their soldiers rest. The blood elves had arrived at Tar kingdom on horseback. The second elven clan to arrive was the ice elves. They also arrived on horseback. They two had a King and his name was King Álfur. He had white skin, blue eyes, white hair, silver armor, and white wings, his crown was silver with a white gemstone in the center. He had a queen and her name was Queen Agarwen. She had pale skin, blue eyes, white hair, a tiny nose, and lips blue like a rose. They both wore silver armor and they also had arrived on horseback. The third elven clan to arrive was the wood elves. They had a King named Daeydark Forestwatcher. He had coppery skin, and hazel eyes, he also had brown hair, he had a tiny nose and natural lips. His Queen was name was Queen Adrie Woodsong. She was a wood elf queen. She had coppery skin, brown eyes, black hair, a tiny nose, and lips red like a rose. They also wore armor and their armor was silver with brown trim. They also arrived on horseback. The last elven clan to arrive were the mountain elves. Their king's name was Feno Norxina. He had grey skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, a tiny nose, and natural lips. His armor was grey and silver. His Queen's name was Siraye Faeyra. She also had grey skin, green eyes, long blonde hair, a tiny nose, lips red like a rose, and she also had grey and silver armor. They also arrived on horseback. Now that all the elven clans arrived at Tar Kingdom. They all sat in their thrones for the first battle.

King Jeith Flameheart: " ɩ vndr gh𝗎 ɩll s ɩlmbn clans ɩr hr? ( I wonder why all the elven clans are here?)"

All the elven clans were wondering why they were in the throne room of the Tar kingdom. Then another elven clan came and they were star elves. Their king's name was Illithor Faevrye. He had purple skin with stars on it, he had blue eyes, white hair, star-like wings, a tiny nose, and natural lips. His Queen's name was Siraye Faeyra. She had purple skin, blue eyes, white hair, and star-like wings. She was known as the fairy of stars. All the elven clans took their seats in their thrones. The King Zagror and Queen Theris enter and sit at the front. The leaders of the sun elves took their thrones. Then Evelyn and Alavorn took their thrones. The first that were to speak were the dragons. King Zagror spoke in elvish and so did Queen Theris.

King Zagror: " 𝗎ū ɩr ɩll hr mbcūs v hv t stp s mblcc ɩrcs ɩrngwnztɩns mbɩr s𝗎 vll cngcwr ɩll s lands. ( You are all here because we have to stop the black orc's organizations or they will conquer all the lands.)"

Queen Theris: " nv ɩ mst ɩsc vll ɩll ɩf 𝗎u oin ɩs ɩr vll 𝗎u vlc ɩv𝗎 ɩnd lɩv 𝗎ūr lnds ɩn ndnggr? nv ɩ vll ngwv s flɩr t cwɩn ɩvl𝗎n . h vs s ɩn gh snt s mssngw t ɩll s ɩlmbn clns ɩlngg vs cngg ɩlvrn. ( Now I must ask will all of you join us or will you walk away and leave your lands in danger? Now I will give the floor to Queen Evelyn. She was the one who sent the message to all the elven clans along with King Alavorn.)"

King Alavorn and His queen walked out and they wore their armor and they both were silver and they had stars in the center. They both decided to speak in elvish and so Queen Evelyn took the floor. She took a deep breath and she then she spoke in elvish.

Queen Evelyn: " ɩ hv sɩn ght s mblcc ɩrcs ɩrngwnztɩns ndnd. s𝗎 hv ndstr𝗎nd vllngws, sld ɩlmbs ɩnd fírɩs, vmn ɩnd ghldrn ɩnd nv s𝗎 ɩr srɩtnngg t tc ɩvr ɩll ɩlmbn clns lnds ɩnd nv s𝗎 vll mrgh ɩnt ss cstl tnngwht. s ɩ vll ɩsc st sm cwstɩn t ɩll ɩf 𝗎ū vll 𝗎ū hlp ɩs ɩnd stp s mblcc ɩrcs ɩrngwnztɩns ɩr vll 𝗎ū lt s ɩrcs vn? (I have seen what the black orcs organizations did. They have destroyed villages, sold elves and fairies, woman and children and now they are threatening to take over all the elven clans lands and now they will March onto this castle tonight. So I will ask that same question to all of you will you help us and stop the black orcs organizations or will you let the orcs win?)"

Then King Alavorn spoke and he was always loyal to stand up for his future queen. The elven clans heard them both out and they all made the decision to join the elven and fairy council. King Alavorn got up from his throne and he held Queen Evelyn hand.

King Alavorn: " m𝗎 lv ɩs rngwht. ght ɩr 𝗎ū ɩll fngwhtngg fr? v ɩls hv cptrnd ɩ mblcc ɩrc ɩn oūr v𝗎 hr. v nɩnd ɩnfrmtɩn frm ss ɩrc ɩn ɩrdr t fngwht ɩngwínst sr ɩrngwnztɩn. mbrngg s ɩrc oūt . (My love is right. What are you all fighting for? We also have captured a black orc on our way here. We need information from this orc in order to fight against there organization. Bring the orc out.)"

The moon elves brought the black orc in and he was a lieutenant and the son of the general. His name was lieutenant Gurak. He had black skin and black armor on, his hair was black, and his eyes were yellow. He also was in chains. He was placed in the center and he spoke in elvish.

Lieutenant Gurak: " 𝗎ū ɩr s nv ɩ élmbn ɩnd fír𝗎 cūngcl. 𝗎ū cnv nsngg 𝗎ūr cnggndm's vll mbrn. ( You are the new elven and fairy council. You know nothing your kingdom's will burn.)

King Illithor: " ght ɩr 𝗎ū tlcngg ɩmbūt? spɩc! (What are you talking about? Speak!)"

Lieutenant Gurak: " ūr tm vll cm. m𝗎 mstr srvs 𝗁́ndrc ɩlf cln ɩnd sɩn oūr ɩrm𝗎 vll tc ss cstl tnngwht. nd ɩndrstnd ɩlf s vr ɩs cmngg ɩnd sɩn v vll tc ss cstl. ( *Evil laugh*) ( Our time will come. My master serves the dark elf clan and soon our army will take this castle tonight. Do understand elf the war is coming and soon we will take this castle.) "

Then Queen Evelyn took her sword out and she cut of Lieutenant Gurak head off. The other elven clans looked at her and they saw the sword of Eglarest. They all looked at each other and they all agreed to fight in the battle. King Alavorn followed his future queen and he asked her a question.

King Alavorn: " Why did you do that? You know the black orcs organizations is going to know what you have done."

Queen Evelyn: " I want them to know. The black orcs organizations will come and they have named general Artok. I told you I was not going to stop until the black orcs organizations was gone and all the elven clans were safe."

Then King Alavorn pulled Evelyn into a warm gentle embrace and they both held each other. Meanwhile, all the elven clans were preparing for war. Evelyn and Alavorn came out and all the elven clans were ready to follow there lead. Soon they took their position at the top of the walls. It began to rain and soon the black orcs organizations army came and they had one hundred thousand of orcs. The elven clans put together had over one thousand troops. The orcs stop and their leader let out a roar and the black orcs organizations horn were blow into.

Queen Evelyn: " hv sm n mrc𝗎 fr 𝗎ū ɩll vll rcív nn 𝗎ūrslmbs. ( Show them no mercy for you all will receive none yourselves.)"

All the elves began to draw there arrows and soon they were on there bows and the orcs began to roar and bang on their armor plates and one of the elves shot the black orc and the orcs became in rage and soon they ran to the wall.

Queen Evelyn: " prpr t fr ɩrrvs. rlɩs ɩrrvs nv. ( Prepare to fire arrows. release arrows now.)"

All the elven clans shot their arrows at the black orcs organizations troops and then they were going to be on the walls in seconds. The black orcs then put the ladders on the walls.

Queen Evelyn: " hr s𝗎 cm, lndndrs. svrds oūt. ( Here they come, ladders. Swords out.)"

Then all the elven clans began to fight the black orcs organizations and soon enough they were going to win the battle. The leader of the black orc organization army challenged Queen Evelyn to a one on one fight. Evelyn except and she was ready for this moment. Evelyn and General Artok fought. They kept on fighting each other and then General Artok lost and he told his army to retreat. all the elven clans cheer and they celebrate as well. Evelyn and Alavorn were happy and they both went to bed and drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...

The battle for Tar Kingdom is over, the battle for the entire elven clans is about to begin. Will all the elven clans defeat the evil dark elf sorcerer or will the entire elven clans land be in ruin? Find out in chapter 8.
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