Siren Love Story. Chapter 3 Layla's kidnapping.
Layla woke up the next morning and decided to go for a swim. She got dressed in a lotus high-waist swimsuit. The top was white with thin straps and it had ruffles at the top. The bottom was blue and it had pink flowers on it and her wrapping was pink with truffles on it. She then went to the ocean and she went for a swim. Then all of sudden someone grabs her and it was Jack and Avery. They put her on their ship and they sailed out to the middle of the sea.

Jack: " You ruined my and my daughter's life and you will die for your courage."

Avery: " You ruin my life and you didn't even care about me."

Layla: " Woah what a minute?! I ruined your guy's life may I remind you what you did? You almost hurt a mythical creature and you didn't even care you never loved anyone except yourselves. I will not stand by and watch and allow you to hurt more mythical creatures."

Then Layla jumped over their ship and she swam and the siren prince spotted her. Prince Coromisia swam up to her and hugged her.

Prince Coromisia: " What happened to you?! Who did this to you?! TELL ME RIGHT NOW!"

Layla then flinched in front of Prince Coromisia. Prince Coromisia then claimed down and he asked her who hurt her.

Prince Coromisia: " Tell me what happened I won't get mad at you okay."

Layla nodded her head gently up and down and she finally told him everything Prince Coromisia got angry and he saw the local fisherman's ship. He then ordered his kin to skin it and kill the fisherman and his daughter. The fisherman and his daughter died and they didn't get to see the light of day again. Prince Coromisia had a pet sea unicorn. He had a white body, and a golden tail, his mane was blue, and his horn was golden, His fin had silver around it, and his sea unicorn also had golden hooves and silver fins. His bridle and saddle were black and silver. Then Prince Coromisia took Layla back to his kingdom. Layla then meets the King and Queen of Aquarius.

Layla: " Coromisia I'm still nervous about meeting your parents."

Prince Coromisia: " Don't worry Layla they will love you just as much as I do as a friend."

Layla: " Okay but um can you put me down please."

Prince Coromisia: " Nope you are my best friend but I think it's more than that. (*clears throat*) Right anyway here were are meet my parents King Drake and Queen Aqua. My mother and father."

Layla: " Um h-hi."

King Drake and Queen Aqua looked at Layla and they recognized her. She was the one who save their son from the local fisherman. Both Prince Coromisia's parents welcome Layla and they told her she is welcome in their kingdom. Prince Coromisia then took her to his bedroom and he put her on his bed very gently. His bed was a blue seashell with a white mattress and he had a red blanket with a blue pillow. Layla then fell asleep and Prince Coromisia covered her up with the red blanket. Prince Coromisia then played with Layla's hair and wrapped his arms around Layla and he pulled her into his embrace. Then Prince Coromisia and Layla both drifted off to sleep. Then Layla woke up the next morning and saw that Prince Coromisia was still sleeping she decided to stay by Prince Coromisia's side a little longer. Layla then played with Prince Coromisia's hair and all of a sudden Prince Coromisia woke up he grabbed Layla's hand and began to play with her hair.

Layla: " Hey okay that was sneaky."

Prince Coromisia: " You were the one playing with my hair while I was still sleeping. So now we are even."

Then Layla blushed a little pink and turned her face away and she tried to get out of bed. Then Prince Coromisia grabbed Layla's hand and pulled her into his embrace. Layla then covered her face with her hands.

Prince Coromisia: " Don't you dare cover your face. Let me see those eyes. Their they are geez do you get flustered that easily?"

Layla: " It's not funny okay and yes I do get flustered easily okay? (*groans*)"

Prince Coromisia chuckled and he put Layla back down on the bed and they both began to lay back down. Then Layla and Prince Coromisia swam back to her home and he kissed her on the cheek. He then told her something that she wouldn't forget.

Prince Coromisia: " Don't worry I won't let anyone hurt you. You better get back to your house. Cutie."

Layla then blushed a little bit of pink all the way home and her mother ran to her and gave her the biggest hug. She then noticed that her daughter was blushing and she was really happy. Layla then got into the shower and rinsed off. She had two blue towels and she decided to wear her white stain nightgown with pink butterflies. Meanwhile, back in Aquarius Prince Coromisia was in bed and he was blushing lightly and he finally realized he had feelings for Layla. He wonder if Layla liked him back but tomorrow he had his royal duties to attend and tonight he was going to visit Layla again. He was going to tell Layla how he truly felt about her.

To Be Continued...
Will Layla confess her feelings to Prince Coromisia or will she let Prince Coromisia confess his feelings first?
Find out in chapter 4.
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