A week with my father
That evening on 10 th of January he started gasping for breathe,all of us were worried sick,
lot of phlem in throat.Rushing him to the best hospital,which one I know not,my daughter saying the one my doctor is from.nothing to think we just rush himwe including the doctors were like the D day has come,yet the next day he is fresh as snow dew upright .Doctors are like what's the secret of his longevity and then that night I realised his body clock,how well it worked,he slep by 11.30 pm and I heard him speak in the middle of the night,well for me it was,as the cell phone denoted the time as 4.30 am,well my 'Sound sleep' was disturbed by some blaberings,some sensible,some not,as I put my ear close to his mouth I realised him speaking to his son, get the milk and boil make some decoction ,well,I was wondering inside a room in the ward,no clock or light,how is he able to know the time,and deep inside his brain the entire clock of the day runs,from morning coffee to shutting doors by the night .well that's his disciplined body clock,system seeped deep inside through all layers of the body in all these years
this made me think I am his daughter but am I so well disciplined ?or will I ever run this life as much as he did as he is out of the hospital and still running his route
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