The Inner Thoughts
Tears roll down my eyes tonight
As I struggled to draw sleep closer
I laid my head on my pillow
Praying and begging that I drown in a deep sea of sweet dreams
But No
My mind brings moments of the day
Extremely sad moments where I couldn't talk or speak properly
Moments when I try to have fun conversations with my friends and my words end up going off as slurs
Tonight I wish I could just be normal,talk and sound as normal as other young adults do
What's the use of being extremely intelligent when tongue thrusting has narrowed and turned intelligent words into slurs and incomplete words
I am extremely saddened by this
I hope in my dreams tonight I can have conversations and talk alot in those intelligent words since I can't say them in real life.
#creating.awareness.on.the.struggles.of.tonguethrusters #it'llgetbetter.

© Faith Itohan Joseph