Come back please I
Write a story based on the phrase "You will realize a person's worth when they are gone."

This story is about how I bullied her and now how much I regret now.

"Luna please please just listen to me one time please". you all must be thinking what is this in the starting ok here is what happened.

I am Edward Cullen I am 18 and In the college I am known as the bully and I only bully boys but that girl Iris the nerd is my new Target she insulted me in front of the whole college some people say that she is a orphan and some says that she has powers who knows here she comes "hey nerd why are you in the cafeteria". I said to that girl.
"Why do you care". She said huh she thinks that she is scary what a girl. "Who said I cared". I say to her let's see what she got. "Then why are you listening". She says wow can't believe her eyes are turning red but her eye colour is brown. "Get out of my way". she says with anger and yeah it was so scary cause her eyes were red instead of brown.

It's been one month where is she Huh why am I thinking of that nerd but what if I did wrong to her what if she left because of me. What am I thinking it's not like I am in love with her does it . "Bro are you ok your face is turning red". Jack says to me. "huh my face red ". I said in a surprise. "is there smth to tell me". he says . "Uhh there is a girl I am thinking of she is making me confused ". I say. "it's Iris Hodgson isn't it." huh he says .