"It's almost November. Have you already listed down your favorites?"
"Favorites, Like wish list. I mean, the ones you would love to receive on Christmas."
"Uh, I see."
"You see? Then list them down so I can see them, too."

1. White tshirt. You look good in it, well, at least for me.
2. Brown eyes. I love those that are from a specific brand whose spelling is similar to your name. I just love those eyes, especially when the sun shines through them. Oh gosh, they're the prettiest.
3. Tanned skin. I love that one that is the same as yours. Any tone is gorgeous, but yours is my favorite.
4. Plump lips. The one that is displayed in your face, for they seem to be the softest thing to me.
5. Your voice. Especially when that voice is used to sing 'Kundiman' by the Silent Sanctuary band.
6. A default, unbothered, resting face. The calm, nonchalant look that you always wear—yes, that one will always be my favorite.
7. Amusing facial expressions. The kinds that I always see in your face. They're cute and entertaining.

"There you have it. My list."
"Did you just describe me?"
"Oh, did I?"
"I could've just simply listed down your name then."
"I wonder if Santa Clause can wrap you in a gift wrapper, or should I just use both of my arms? What do you think? "