Shephali part -7
That day my head was spinning while returning to the home. No it's not because of what the doctor said it's because of the trust issues, I am going through now. I bumped into him on the way back , I thought again Subodh our Subodh and scars in her body no. It can't be possible not even in my dreams. What should be my next move ? Should I throw a bunch of question marks at her? No I didn't do that, instead I held back and waited for Shephali to react.
As I thought she reached in a few days out of curiosity. I was in the kitchen that day. It has been almost a week since our last meeting. In the meantime they have met at midnight a few times. And I have also seen her sneaking in our allies .
"Boudi, we need to talk."
"For what ? I didn't remember anything."
"Don't be silly . You know what I mean."
"Go in my room, I will go later."
After taking care of the other household matter I reached the 1st floor to go to my bedroom.
"So what's up with that doctor? Tell me in short I still have work to do."
She hesitated for a moment." I, actually it's a long story "
"You don't need to tell me the whole kand . I know your past now tell me the present."
"How ...
"You don't need to know just tell me."
"I came to meet him that day because I feared that he might tell everyone about our past to everyone if didn't show up. Also I wanted to know what his demand from me is now".
"And what about yesterday or the day before that? Is it the same reason "
"No , actually I was happy with Subodh but..
"Now you are thinking of calling someone richer than him right. Because your demands keep rising."
"NO(shout), it was not because of my demand it's just that I kept thinking of my state right now. Who am I to these people?What importance do I have in their lives? They didn't even bother if my saree caught a fire or if someone tried to sexually harass me. "
"I can understand, what you go through in your home. Every housewife goes through these phases after marriage. We all need to sacrifice something. It's not our father's home after all. But I didn't get the last one.."

"And why should we? It's not like we are only sharing the same shade. We are doing everything in our ability to settle in a new place still it's always us women who are making sacrifices. You are telling me about my father's house it was a living hell from me. You know very well why I agreed on this marriage. I wanted to live safely with dignity in society."
"Just forget about society for a moment and try to think about subodh and your child. Tell me, did he do something wrong?"
"No, why would he ? After all he is a dignitarious man who cares about his job more than the pride of his wife. A few days ago chief officers invited him to a friends gathering. They also invited me. It was the biggest hotel party I can ever imagine. And yes the same thing happened to me again. I stepped out for a moment to freshen up and heard some footsteps behind me. I thought
maybe it's some staff but no it followed me until the washroom. It was a senior in his office. I tried to scream but he blocked my mouth and Said if I scream then he will make Subodh resign from his position. I hesitated for a moment but when he tried to touch me my mind went blank and I did nothing but scream. Because no matter I would never let that happen to me again. Now everyone came running to the hallway and he fled from the side window. You won't believe me after that no one trusted me even though that person was actually missing from the hotel. It would be bearable if only subodh believed me , but what happened he also disbelieved me why only because of his damn job. You don't know how humiliating it was when my own husband didn't believe me. I learned one thing that night that money and power is everything without them we are nothing."
I was stunned for a brief moment and tried to process my thoughts into words. I really don't know what to say to a girl who has gone through such an experience more than once.
"I don't know what to say Shephali, but you should try to understand the demand of the situation. Or else I can guarantee you that Subodh loves you very much. But for that situation if you decide to take any wrong step I am warning you to think about your child he did nothing wrong."

That day I never imagined what type of delama she is going through. She stepped out of the room silently.
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