The kindest Hearts Often
There was a small village tucked away in the hills. It was known for its communal spirit and kind-hearted people. In the middle of the village, there was a small garden tended to by an elderly woman named Grace.

Grace was known for her gentle demeanor and kind heart. She would often spend hours in her garden, tending to the plants and flowers with love and care. The villagers would often stop by to admire her handiwork and chat with her about their lives.

One day, a young girl named Helena stumbled into the village. She was lost and scared, having wandered away from her home. The villagers quickly took her in and made her feel at home. But Helena was still very sad – she had never been away from her family before and felt very alone.

That’s when Grace stepped in. She found Helena sitting by the garden, looking downcast. Without hesitation, she sat down next to the girl and began to talk to her. Grace listened intently as Helena told her about her family and how much she missed them.

For the next few days, Grace spent every moment she could with Helena. She would take her for walks around the village, teach her how to tend to the garden, and even cook her favorite meals. With Grace by her side, Helena slowly began to feel like she had a place in the village.

Eventually, Helena’s family came looking for her and were overjoyed to find her safe and happy in the village. As they were leaving to go back home, Helena ran up to Grace and hugged her tight. “Thank you for being my friend,” she whispered.

Grace smiled and hugged her back. “I’ll always be here for you, Helena”

And so, the moral of the story is that the kindest hearts often feel the strongest connections with others. By showing kindness and compassion, Grace was able to make a profound impact on Helena’s life – and in turn enriched her own as well.
© Laks