Living in the Mirror
A young woman named Amelia lived by herself in Warlington, She lived in a small house a mile away from the neighborhood, Everyone in the neighborhood taught of her as strange, They wondered why she would choose that house too live in instead of choosing something in the neighborhood as they are in good shape, They stayed as far as possible away from her, and whenever she would come into the neighborhood they would run and lock their doors inside, Amelia couldn't take it no more, So she asked one of the neighbors, Why are you all afraid of me and why you all always run away whenever you see me? Then the man said, It's because of that house you are living in, No one dears too enter that house or even live there it's not somewhere you want to be it's not safe, Amelia then asked, why! A long time ago A family moved to that house and something bizarre happened, The family wasn't ordinary people, they would always perform Evil rituals too gain money, fame and popularity, they were obsessed with becoming rich and ruling the lands , but something happened, their daughters soul became trapped inside the mirrors and all mirrors of the house, You'd hear her cries every passing night , their greed and envy caused their daughters life to be in total misery, They all left her their and never looked back, no one as deared to live there, You must leave! you must leave! the man said, or else you'd become possess and trapped in the mirror instead, Amelia however didn't believe the man's warning and thought he was delusional, And for that her soul became trapped in the mirrors instead of the girls own who was there for years and is finally free from torment , Amelia is now living in the mirror hoping someone would free her,
© lovely