American Fears
Some dreams are meant to come true,. But what do you do when your nightmare comes true? Do run the opposite way or face your fears?

TW: Gun violence

I had had this dream. I was at work, it was a normal day then the man with beady eyes came in. I said "Hello" like a doorchime then let him be to browse. He went behind a display and came out with a gun. I heard a loud bang then I woke up in a puddle of sweat.
Hauling my bag over my shoulder I told myself "It's just a dream." locking the house I began my trek to work. I loved to walk!
It was a normal day. I cleaned the shop while it was empty, bought my mom a nice necklace I hadn't seen before, chatted with my coworkers, then the door chimed. It was the beady eyed man from my dream...
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